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Bid High

About the website:

BidHigh is a penny auction website with a twist. It allows:
a) Sellers to put up their spare items for auction
b) Buyers to place auction on used products that they wish to buy

URL: http://bidhigh.net/index.php

Client Requirements:

The Carolina, USA based client approached our company to design and develop his concept of penny auction website.
BidHigh has put a step forward to bring together two different concepts: sales and auction. As of now these are two separate markets. Therefore, it aims to give a sensational experience to its users by creating an opportunity for sellers to profit and buyers to save.

There are two parties involved:-

a) Seller – One who wants to auction off something they personally own
b) Bidder/Buyer – One who places bid on things he wants to purchase.



Request For Auction

Sellers fill up a CREATE AN AUCTION form to send details of products (to be sold) to the admin.
The form has the following fields: Product name, Pictures, Description, Condition, Categories, Base Price (Minimum price that the seller is expecting for the product), End Time (Timer) – Maximum duration for which a bid will be active and lastly the Reset Timer.

As a seller, the person must pay to ship the item to their location and bear the cost; however, there are two options as to how they ship the item to the winner of the auction:

a) (Radio button): Subtract the cost of shipping from the earnings of the auction. (In this case, the auction will have a *Free Shipping* sticker)
b) (Radio Button): Have the winner pay the burden of shipping by adding amount to the base price of the auction.

Hot Auction of the Day?
In this case, the seller can post his auction on the front page of BidHigh.net under Hot Auctions of the day.
Selecting this option costs $2.00 and will be subtracted from the total earnings.
For this the seller will have to click on the Check Box “Yes include my auction in HOT AUCTIONS OF THE DAY section”.



Admin will have the ability to accept or deny auctions in “Auctions Waiting Approval” section.

If admin rejects an auction:
a) Admin will have to give a reason
b) Subsequently, an email goes to seller with the reason

If admin accepts the auction:
a) The auction is moved to “Accepted Auctions” tab in admin’s panel.
b) A unique identification number (UIN) is dynamically generated post the approval.

When admin receives the product and is accepted upon inspection
BidHigh will notify the user through an email informing him that their auction is now live.
The email will have direct URL for that auction so that seller can share it on FB, TW, LI etc. and also email their friends about it.

When admin receives the product and is rejected upon inspection
BidHigh will notify the user by email informing him their request for auction has been rejected along with a valid reason.
When the auction ends
Money is deducted from buyer’s saved credit card / paypal account and deposited with the website. Admin pays the seller after keeping his fee.

Industry: Online Penny Auction

Website Features:
• Sign In / Registration
• Email Notifications
• Payment by PayPal and Authorize.net
• Bid Time & Reset Timer
• Filter according to Category, Price Range and Value

• Smarty
• JQuery

Solutions Provided:
Website design & development, Ecommerce Web Development including modules Online Payment integration, Order Management, Categories Management, Store Management, Make & Model Management, User Management, Email Template Management



  1. First and foremost, the user needs to register on the website by filling-up a form and submitting the details. Below is the home page of the website followed by the registration page.


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2. A “Thanks” message will be displayed. After the user clicks on “Submit” button , a verification email will be sent to them.


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3. The user can then check their email account to get the verification link and activate their account.


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4. The system will show a Confirmation message that the user’s account has been verified and that they can add more details like uploading their photograph and a short summary about themselves.


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5. Now the user can upload their photograph by choosing amongst the given avtar’s.


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6. The users can add the shipping and billing address details through “My Addresses” section and credit card details through “My Credit Card” section.


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7. User can now create an auction through “My auctions” section. Fill all the details regarding product, its photograph, its base value and reset timer.


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8. Now the user can see the preview of his auction.


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9. After clicking on the “Submit” button, it is sent to the admin for approval.


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10. Now, the above auction is pending for approval and can be seen in the “Waiting Approval” section.


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11. After the auction is approved by the admin, the user can see it here on the home page.


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12. Now bidders can bid for this product. For bidding, the users have to be registered on the website with their complete credit card details and buy bids. The website offers different bid packs like Mini, Small, Large, Premium and Ultimate.


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13. If for e.g. the user has chosen the “Mini” bid pack, then he needs to click on “Add to Cart” and proceed further to checkout and pay through his Credit Card.


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14. One bidder can bid only one time and he will not be able to bid again until any other bidder has bid for the same product i.e. he can’t bid more than once simultaneously.While creating the auction, the user had kept the base price of the product as $100. The site adds the shipping charges over and above the base price of the product. In this case it was $20, so the final amount becomes 120$. After first bidder bids for this product the amount changes to $120.01.


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15. Similarly, if another user has bid for the same, the amount turns to 120.02 and the procedure will go on and the price of the product will keep on increasing for the set auction time.


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16. After the auction time ends, reset timer will start which is set as 30 seconds in the above case. Those are the last 30 seconds wherein users can bid and whoever bids the last is awarded the bid.


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