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SaaS Development | TechVoi

SaaS Development

What is SAAS

SAAS (Software as a service),is a software/application wherein the software it’s data are hosted centrally on the cloud. It makes you free from taking up any additional hardware as you access it via the Internet. Therefore it also helps you keep away from installation, set-up and the maintenance hassles that come along.

Since these are run on a SAAS provider’s servers, they handle the access to the application including their security, troubleshooting, availability and performance.

SAAS is increasingly becoming a common delivery model for various business applications like CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), Management Software, Accounting, Development Software, MISs (Management Information Software)etc.

SAAS customers/users simply require no more than an internet connection. SAAS Features:

  • small_tools

    A Multitenant Architecture

    All the users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base which is centrally maintained

    . Since they all share the same space, vendors can innovate quickly and help save the time spent earlier on updating the versions of outdated code.

  • small_customize

    Easy to Customize

    The way the SAAS architecture is structured, it gives the users the advantage to easily customize applications and preserve upgrades as per their business processes without affecting the common layer. Thus leading to less customer risks and even lower adoption costs.

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    Better Access

    Users can easily access the data, manage the privileges and monitor its use from any networked device ensuring everyone sees same information at the same time since it’s all there at one common place.

Difference between SAAS, PAAS and IAAS

Once you have finalized to go for cloud services for your application, you need to understand the different categories of cloud services available. The three models of cloud services are:

  • software_service

    Software as a Service (SAAS)

    SAAS is considered as the most well-known and rapidly growing form of cloud service for consumers. With the help of this web delivery model, SAAS assigns this task of managing software, its runtime, data and maintenance to third party vendors.

    One of the examples is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications like Salesforce, productivity software suits like Google Apps, and storage solutions like Dropbox.

    The main advantage that comes along with SAAS is the reduced cost and hassles in its installation, management, upgradation and maintenance which are usually outsourced. It is provided on per user per month basis which helps to provide flexibility to add or remove users anytime without incurring any additional costs.

  • cloud_platform_service

    Platform as a Service (PAAS)

    PAAS, also referred to as Cloud platform services provides a framework to the developers to develop or customize applications. Without having to deal with the servers it provides clients an environment in which the operating system, server software, server hardware and the network infrastructure are taken care of, making users free to concentrate on the business aspect of scalability and the application development of their product or service.

    PAAS makes the development, testing and deployment of application easy, quick and cost-effective. Businesses can request for resources as per their requirements and the scalability rather than devoting in hardware with superfluous resources.

    Examples of PAAS providers: Google App Engine, Red Hat’s OpenShift and Heroku

  • Infrastructure_service

    Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

    Also termed as Cloud Infrastructure Services, these are the basic building blocks for cloud services. PAAS are self-service models of highly automated and scalable compute resources which are complemented by cloud storage and network capability which can be self-provisioned, measured and available on demand.

    IAAS basically takes the traditional physical computer hardware and lets you build a virtual infrastructure which can be created, resized, reconfigured and removed as and when required. This helps you to do away with the investment in its physical maintenance and management.

    IAAS is the most flexible of all three
    providing automated deployment of servers, processing power, storage and networking.
    IAAS users have true control over the infrastructure as compared to both IAAS and PAAS users.

    Example: HPCloud, Softlayer, CloudSigma

SaaS Development with techvoi

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