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techvoi is an Affordable Search Engine Optimization Company backed by over 6 years of experience in the field. Today we are one of the best search engine optimization firms.

Right from managing the on-page aspects of your website to off-page factors like link building, directory submissions, forums posting, content writing etc, we make sure your website is search engine optimized which shall bring back leads resulting in increase in sales. Our team of search engine optimization specialists will help you to grow your business by improving search engine positioning of your website.

As an professional search engine optimization company, we take into account what keywords suit your website while what people are searching for, and, thereby, developing a strategical approach to optimize your website and make search engines like it.

Why do you need SEO?

  1. Because having an amazing and professional looking website is not enough unless it gets more traffic and hits. That is where search engine optimization specialists comes into the picture.
  2. Because Over 25% of the world’s population uses internet. This figure is set to only grow further.
  3. Because 85% of internet users rely on Search Engine searches to find websites
  4. Because 75% of internet users reach websites through search engines.
  5. Because 70% of search engine users never scroll past the 4th page of search results. Thus, the importance of being on the first page for your preferred keyword.
  6. Because more than 50% of internet sales result from prospective buyers finding sellers through search engines.
  7. Because over 90% of individuals using search engines do so to research a specific purpose.
  8. Because 80% of all searches performed by internet users all across the globe are generated by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Here’s a short description of the services we perform to boost your website’s search engine presence:

On-page Website Optimization

An athlete cannot win a race unless his body is strong and in shape. Similarly, a website cannot do well in search engines unless the on-page aspects of it are up to to mark. Even though on-page optimization constitutes only about 20% of the total SEO program, it is important to have the website optimized.

Some of the aspects that give on-page optimization support are:

  • Correct site structure
  • Appropriate title tags, meta description and keyword tags on all the pages of the website
  • Good internal linking structure
  • Effective and keyword rich content
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • SEO friendly layout

Off-page Website Optimization

Article Marketing

We post keyword rich articles on a network of over 30,000 select blogs and directories. Thus, information about you, your website and organization reaches more and more eyes, giving more and more popularity to your website. What we get back the effort is quality backlinks pointing to your website, boosting its presence.

Link Building

We make sure your website gets plenty of powerful and high PR links from our network of powerful websites. We do make sure that the links are not junk or spam so no harm is done to your website.

Directory Submissions

Another important aspect of quality search engine optimization is to submit websites to high quality directories with a set of chosen keywords. We, having access to hundreds of such quality directories, excel in this service as well.

Forum Posting

We make sure to get your website strong back links from several high PR forums. Some of these include famous and extremely high PR forums. These comments/answers are posted by our team of search engine optimization experts instead of using spammy softwares.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has developed into an effective tool for Search Engine Optimization experts. It link sites within the various blogs, forums and message boards. We bookmark your website to over 300 high PR websites. These links promote your site and the pages your articles are on for more link juice to your site.

Blog Posting

Posting keyword rich content/articles on powerful blogs is an essential part of our off-page Search Engine Optimization campaigns. At the same time we make sure to post relevant and keyword rich content with backlinks to your website. These blogs have PR of 2-8 backed by strong link popularity.

Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution has been a significant part of marketing since quite a long time. Our press release writing is keyword optimized and helps you to get definite improvement of your search engines. Our team of search engine optimization specialists make sure about the quality of content written.

Search Engine Submission

We submit websites to all major search engines on www. All submissions are manual so that there are no chances of any errors. This is important because many search engines share each others’ database and algorithms. So, submitting websites to all/most of them gives you more visibility.

Content Writing

As expert content writers, we combine your website’s purpose with the target audience’s requirements to help you attain your business goals. Not only do our search engine optimization experts make sure that content is grammatically correct, they make sure the content is keyword rich too, thus, driving more and more traffic to your website.

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