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About the website:

Kunact is a website we developed for a client based out of California, USA. The website is a marketplace to bring people who are seeking items on rent with people who have products and want to offer them on rent. Many people have extra gadgets lying around with them which are unused or rarely used. On the other hand there are many people who do not have those items or require them for a short period. They would rather like to take them on rent rather than invest money into them. The website serves these two kinds of people.

URL: http://www.kunact.com/

Client Requirements:

The client approached us to design this website on the concept of renting out devices online. There are 2 parties involved in the process :

a) Product Owner (PO): One who wants to rent out his device(s)/gadget(s)

b) Product Seeker (PS): One who wishes to take device(s)/gadget(s) on rent.

Registration process is mandatory for both the parties before initiating any transaction.

After the device has been listed by the PO and the reservation request accepted, both the parties will contact each other to decide on a place to pick / deliver.

When PS has picked up the product, he will intimate the website in 1 hour maximum that the product has been received in perfect condition. Similarly when the PO receives back the product, he will have 1 hour to let the website know that he has received the product in right condition.

Email Notifications are sent at each step to keep both the PO and PS well intimated about important milestones.

Industry: Online Rental

Website Features:

  • Sign In / Registration
  • Device Search facility
  • Device Reviews
  • Email Notifications
  • Social Sharing
  • Payment (by Credit Card and Paypal)
  • Order Management
  • Email Template management


  • PHP
  • Smarty
  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • Apache Server
  • JQuery
  • CSS

Solutions Provided:

Website design & development, Ecommerce Web Development including modules like Shopping Cart, Online Payment integration, Order Management, Product Management, Categories Management, Store Management, Make & Model Management, User Management, Device Management, Email Template Management.



1. This is the Home page of the website www.kunact.com


web design California



2. First, you need to ‘Sign In’ using your email id and password.There are two parties involved: Product Owner, who lists his item/device and Product Seeker, who takes up the item/device on rent. For listing your item or reserving any item, signing-up is mandatory.


web design USA



3. Click on “List Your Item” to list your product. For this, the customer needs to fill certain details like Category, Product, Make,Model details, Description, Rental per day that you wish to charge and if your product is reserved for any period of time, you can choose to block your product for that time period through the calendar. You also need to upload a photograph of the product. If you want, you can insure your product or otherwise take security for the same.


website design California



4. After filling the details in the above form, you can preview your listing.


web design company USA



5. Once you are satisfied with the preview of your listing, click on ‘Save and Publish’ your item and a ‘Thanks’ message will appear after that.


web design company California



6. Now comes the role of the Product Seeker who wishes to take up a product on rent. For this, you will first have to enter the product name in the search bar.


website design USA



7. Then, click on the “RESERVE” button to take that device on rent. Here you can also view the reviews of the product chosen which will help you in taking the decision easily. Reviews are categorized on the basis of Communication, Delivery, Rental Price and Condition of the product.


web development USA



8. After clicking on “Reserve”, it will ask you to sign-up. So as mentioned earlier also, in both the cases, you need to first sign-up before you either list your item or reserve any item.


website development USA



9. After signing up, it will ask you for the dates for which the item has to be reserved and then you can click on “Submit for Request”.


website designing USA



10. The request you had submitted is now pending for approval from the PO.


web designing USA



11. PO can now approve or disapprove as per the availability of his product. If he disapproves, he can give a reason for that.


web design and development USA



12. Here we can see that the “Pending Approval” has turned into “Make Payment” as the PO has approved the reservation request. After this , you will be directed to the payment gateway to make payment for the reservation.


web design company California


When PS has picked up the product, he will intimate the website of the same in 1 hour maximum that the product has been received in perfect condition. If the product hasn’t been received in good condition, there will be a text field for him to report the issue/condition of the product. This will be treated as acknowledgment that he picked up the product in right condition. If he fails to inform about a wrong product or damaged product in that time, it will be assumed that the product picked up by the PS is in right condition.

The PS will use the product and return it to the PO.

When the PO receives the product back, he will have 1 hour to let the website know about the same. This will be treated as an acknowledgement that the product has been received back in right condition. If he fails to inform about a damaged product delivered back to him within that time, it will be assumed that the PO got the product back in right condition.

That’s when the PS will be requested to rate the services and product of the PO. These ratings will reflect in the PO’s profile.  The website will pay the PO offline and the process will end up here. Also,  PS will be sent a reminder 24 hours before he is scheduled to return the device.”


With this innovative concept of web design, we are sure Kunact will do wonders in the online rental business in California, USA.



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