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SuperFly Defensive Driving

About the website:

Super Fly Defensive Driving School is based out of Arizona, United States of America. Anyone who has been found guilty of disobeying the traffic rules will have to pass a driving test on this website. It’s a 4 hour test, is available 24/7 and users can enter and exit whenever they want. Once the test has been cleared, they need not to go the court. The website has a tie-up with the State Government of Arizona, Driving School Authority and respective courts of every area.

URL: https://cheapneasytrafficschool.com

Client Requirements:

The client required us to make an online web based application where the users can take a detailed driving test. This involved sending emails to users at every important step, option to approve users and if found ineligible then refund fees to the users. The test has been divided into 2 modules: Pre Test and Final Test. After the students clear both, they are awarded with a certificate.

Industry: Automobiles Driving School

Web Application Features:

  • Tie-up with Driving License Authority, respective courts & State Government of Arizona
  • Email functionality
  • Excel & XML Generation
  • About 500 users can take the test simultaneously
  • Delayed Chained Payment using Adaptive Payments
  • User progress is maintained at each step i.e even if users log out in the middle of the session, they could resume from there whenever they want.
  • Users Data Analytics
  • Search Functionality for Admin
  • On the spot automatic result display.
  • Two modules for test (Pre & Final test)


  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • Core PHP
  • MVC Framework

Solutions Provided:

Web Application, Online Chained Payment integration, Student Result Analysis.



  1. This is the homepage for the website of Super Fly Defensive Driving School, Arizona. The first step is to Click on “Start Now” to register yourself for the course and take the test.

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2. This site is meant for “Arizona” so you will see only Arizona state in the drop-down menu.

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3. This step asks you whether you have taken this test in the last 2 years of the citation date or not. If you have, then you would not be allowed to participate again. And if you haven’t, then you can go ahead with the process.

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4. In this step it asks you, whether your violation resulted into any serious physical injury or death of any person or not ? If yes, then you would not be eligible to proceed. And if not, you can continue with the process.

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  1. Now, you have to select your county, the respective court and the violation date.

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6. This step shows you the fees structure which is divided into multiple parts like Course Fee, State Surcharge , State Fee, Court Diversion Fee and Processing Fee.

Then there is a form wherein you have to enter your complete details like your basic credentials, license type and number, violation details etc. You also have to upload a copy of your license and ticket. After filling all the above details, click on the small check box to approve all the terms & conditions and then click “Submit”.

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7. Once you have submitted the above form, it will direct you to the payment page of “Pay Pal” wherein you can make the payment through your card. The fees to be paid varies from different County and the courts.

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8. After the payment has been done, you will get a confirmation mail. The driving school will verify & test your eligibility to appear for the test. If you are found eligible by the school, you will get a link to enter the course.

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9. This step show the confirmation mail sent to you.

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10. As per the Arizona Law, you are required to pass an identity verification and student participation exam by atleast 80 %. Here you are required to answer some questions which you will be asked again during the final exam and your answers should match in both the places.

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11. This is one of the sample questions.

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12. After you have answered the above questions, the course begins. At the end of this course you will be again given an identity verification and student participation test which you must pass. The best part of the course is that you can exit or re-enter the course at any moment and your progress will be saved.

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13. In the final test, you will get 30 seconds to answer each question to complete the test. The answer of these questions should match with the ones given earlier.

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14. If you are not able to pass the exam in the first attempt, one final chance to re-appear would be given and the passing score is 80%.

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15. This is an evaluation form at the end of the test to take your feedback.

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Through this website design & development, we hope to have helped the company (along with Arizona State government) in achieving its purpose of offering a well guided and self explanatory way for drivers (with tickets) in the state to appear for driving tests conveniently in the comfort of their homes.




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