Magento Upgrade

Why upgrade your Magento

  • To install latest security updates.
  • To avoid your website from being hacked.
  • To avoid malware and virus attacks.
  • To upgrade to latest UI changes offered by Magento developers.
  • To upgrade to latest features offered by Magento developers.

Why people fail to upgrade
their Magento stores

  • Due to lack of awareness.
  • Due to lack the necessary technical expertise.
  • Due to fear of losing valuable data on the website.
  • Some plugins may stop working is another fear they have.
  • Due to unawareness of complexities involved in the process.

Why Us for Magento Upgrade?

  • Magento Development Experience

    With over 6 years of experience in Magento Development and over 350 happy customers, our Magento Developers know more about Magento Ecommerce Development than any other team.

  • Top Developers

    Every Magento Developer we have knows exactly what it takes to keep your Magento website secured and virus/malware free.

  • Protection of data

    We give top most weightage to your websites data to make sure nothing gets lost during the upgrade process. Our Magento Developer takes backup of your website before he starts the project to give your data extra bit of protection.

  • Quality Checks

    Our Magento Developers do multiple rounds of QCs (Quality Checks) to make sure everything is working the way it was should after the upgrade process is finished.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not happy with our work or the upgraded website doesn’t work well, you get 100% of your money back. That is an EFW promise.

Modus Operandi

  • Site Backup

    Our Magento Developer will make a copy of your on a staging server to make sure he has a backup plan just in case something goes wrong during upgrading process, we don't lose the origniality of the site.
  • Upgrade

    The Magento Developers will upgrade the staging site to the latest version. Then they will run Quality Checks (QCs) on frontned as well as backend to make sure everything is working properly and that there are no bugs.
  • Live

    Once the QC team gives the go-ahead, the Magento developers will put the site live on your server after taking another backup of your live site for security purposes. This is the second backup we make in the process.
  • Close Watch

    Our team will keep a close watch on your upgraded live site site for a week or two and make everything is functioning nicely. Then we remove backup files from our systems for security pruposes.

Our Magento Upgrade Package Includes¦

Backup of all files and databases of your current Magento site.Upgrading these files and databases to the latest version. Upgrading of all extensions to the latest version, including replacement of extensions that do not work with the latest version.One week of free support after upgrading Magento.

Magento Upgrade Prices

Our Magento upgrade packages start from $299.However, we prefer to give customized quotes according to the size of your store and other complexities involved. Older versions take more time.
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