WordPress Upgrade Service

Why upgrade your WordPress

  • To install latest security updates.
  • To avoid your website from being hacked.
  • To avoid malware and virus attacks on your website.
  • To upgrade to latest UI changes offered by the WordPress developers.
  • To upgrade to latest features offered by the WordPress developers.

Why people fail to upgrade
their WordPress websites

  • Due to lack of awareness.
  • Due to lack the necessary technical expertise.
  • Due to fear of losing data.
  • Some plugins may stop working is another fear they have.
  • Due to unawareness of complexities involved in the process.

Why Us for WordPress Upgrade?

  • Experience

    We are well-versed with all nitty-gritty’s of WordPress Development including themes, templates, modules etc.

  • Experienced WordPress Developers

    Backed by WordPress Development experience of over 7 years, every WordPress Developer we have knows exactly what it takes to keep your website secured and robust.

  • Data Protection

    Every WordPress Developer we have understands the importance of your data and makes sure not even a pie is lost during the process. We take backups and make sure nobody is able put their hands on the backed up data.

  • Highest Quality Standards

    Once your website has been upgraded, our WordPress Developers do Quality Checks to make sure everything is working the way it was before and that there are no nags.

Modus Operandi

  • Site Backup

    Our WordPress Developers will take backup of your WordPress website and set it up as on a staging site. This helps them keep your main website intact just in case something goes wrong during upgrading process in the test environment.
  • WordPress Upgrade

    The WordPress Development team will upgrade the staging site and do quality checks to make sure everything is working the way it should, both on frontend as well as backend.
  • Live

    Once they get the go-ahead from the QC team, our WordPress Development team will put the upgraded site live on your server after taking another backup of your live site for security purposes.
  • Close Watch

    A designated WordPress Developer will keep a close watch on your live site for a few days to make sure everything is running smoothly. Once he is sure, he will remove the backed backup files from our systems.

Our WordPress Upgrade Package Includes¦

Backup of all files and databases of your current WordPress site. Upgrading these files and databases to the latest version. Update of your WordPress website with appropriate code tags to make the theme highly effective. Upgrading of all plugins to the latest version, including replacement of plugins that do not work with the latest version. Installation of system codes, affiliate and ad codes, social media and social network codes and widgets. One week of free support after upgrading WordPress.

WordPress Upgrade Service Prices

Although our WordPress upgrade packages start at from $99, we prefer to give customized quotes according to the size of your WordPress website and the complexities involved. Older versions take more time, since we have to execute the upgrading in two stages to ensure perfection. Our prices includes money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the job done. However, we boast of the fact that this has never happened until now.

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