• Lucrative Minds

    Mar 25, 2011


    About the website:

    Lucrative Minds, based in, Chelmsford, Massachusetts is a trusted business directory for ‘work from home’ business opportunities. The website is created to solve a significant problem of finding a trustworthy and credible work from home opportunity. Its mission is to provide users the most comprehensive and up-to-date work from home research and education information, industry articles, newsletters, webcasts, information on scams and much more.


    Client Requirements:

    The client wanted to create a research and education based website to provide users with information of work from home opportunities in a truly unbiased manner. Here, a user can find a suitable opportunity and be successful in the selected field. To access this website completely, a user needs to get registered.

    Detailed Features:

    1. A user can get all the details of the listed companies/organizations. The company is also given a rank based on the number of visitors.

    2. The website has three important features/Buttons:-

    a. Opportunities by Category – The user can search about the companies by defining particular category.
    b. Top 10 Opportunities – Here, user can see the top 10 business opportunity providers
    c. Advertise with us – As a large number of traffic gathers on the website to search the most trusted work from home opportunity, it is the best platform to advertise.

    3. Mandatory Membership (Paid/Free) or subscription is required to access all the information.

    4. Only, the registered user can only see all the details which is locked by the admin.

    5. Investigator page – This is one of the most important page of the website. It provides articles, tools or special links to other sites which will help user continue their research on different opportunities. Here, user will find information on scams and fraudulent business activities that other organizations have found to be less than honorable as well.

    6. The user also has the private section ‘My Notes’ where user can notes about the opportunity.

    Industry: Online business directory

    Website Features:

    • Listing of work from home opportunities
    • Paid and free subscription registrations
    • Integration of almost 9 APIs
    • Aggregation of data from all the APIs
    • Passing data from APIs through algorithms
    • Display the credibility score based on API data
    • Social Sharing
    • Community Email
    • Community Rankings
    • Integration of Amazon e-books shopping
    • Bulk uploading of Opportunities
    • Forum
    • Blog
    • Webcasts
    • PayPal Payment Gateway


    • Core PHP
    • HTML
    • MySQL
    • Smarty
    • Ajax

    Solutions Provided:

    Website Design & Development, User Management, Email Template Management, Complaint Management, Newsletter Management, FAQ Management, Article Management, Preferred Partners Management, Affiliate Management, Investigator News Management, Opportunities Black Listing Management.