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    When Do You Know you Need a Mobile App

    Jul 07, 2016


    Personal mobile devices have increased the average consumer’s expectations about access to information. Not only do they expect, but they know that they are going to find details on anything, anytime and anywhere. It is highly likely that you are going to get that information from not only that particular company’s website, but also from some kind of social network. Enterprises that control the flow of information (about what they offer) are presently being faced by this challenge. However, what they don’t realize is that, it’s an opportunity in disguise.

    Mobile apps are the perfect way to engage customers with your business. In today’s scenario, they are an integral part of almost every organization that you could think of, regardless of their size or the kind of services they offer. A few reasons have been listed out for when to know that it is about time that your business already had a mobile app:


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    a. Visibility

    Statistics have revealed that an average person is spending up to two hours on their mobile devices. If your business can afford to spend on increasing the visibility of your brand, then why not go ahead with an opportunity that is staring you in the face? To develop an app, your brand needs to be “in the way” and that can happen with a unique screen icon which people will unconsciously register in their minds.


    b. Additional Business Channel

    It is quite evident that smartphones have now become the most favored e-commerce channel. A rising trend towards self-service is being witnessed. Many call centers are going through a yearly 20-30% decrease in phone calls. It comes with no surprise that customers are getting their queries answered through other mediums like the web and mobile.

    Since dealing with customers these days has become much more challenging, keeping in mind, the service, they expect to be able to purchase stuff and modify their choices any time of the day or night irrespective of their location. A mobile app will help your business in making sense of the direction your business could take. Undoubtedly, it will help you get an edge over your competitors because when you conduct business through this additional channel, your brand’s competence and understanding the customers will definitely come through.


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    c. Additional Brand Support

    For your business to succeed, it is imperative to create brand strength through additional reinforcements, like a mobile app. The day and age we live in, without a mobile app, your brand might be perceived as archaic and detached from the current trends in technology. Of course, if your brand can afford to develop one, it will help in increasing customer satisfaction. And, in the absence of one, you are putting too much at risk because; it only takes a split second for a customer to move onto another brand. Thus, putting your relationship with customers in jeopardy.

    It is the perfect opportunity for your competitor to immediately replace you in this ever growing world of brands. A popular example of a brand strengthened by its mobile app is Domino’s Pizza. Now, a few years ago, someone would have found it crazy ordering a pizza through an app. The whole process is seamless. You can browse the menu, customize your pizza, place your order, select your delivery and payment method, and even track your order’s progress. Having a good mobile app in place forms customer loyalty and goes a long way in guaranteeing future prospects of your business.


    d. Immediate Feedback

    Feedback of every kind is extremely vital for the sustenance of all businesses. If your business is finding it difficult to consolidate a proper feedback channel, then you’d rather go for an app. One of the biggest boons of having one is the large volume of customer database which can be gathered through it.

    We are living in a time where customer is king. With an app, it is so much easier to recognize your most promising prospects through identification of regions, demographics and needs. It is literally going to be served to you on a platter. With this, obviously you’ll be opening up feedback in one form or another like reviews and such. Using this will help to improve your products and services, even identify new business opportunities and developing new and more improved products. Most importantly, it will help you to connect with your customers better to meet their needs effectively.


    e. People will Come Back for More

    Imagine a very likely scenario where a customer has previously engaged your brand’s services. That customer liked your app, the service you delivered and because of that experience, again wants to take advantage of it on the next purchase. In retaining your customer for recurring purchases, your app will play a key role. It will be the major reason of why your customers continue to buy stuff.

    A whopping 83% of smartphone users begin their day by looking at their smartphones and browsing through their notifications. Wouldn’t you as a brand take advantage of that fact? Just imagine, would it be more convenient for them to log in through their desktop browser, calling your customer care, sending you an email or that they can just open your mobile app to contact you?


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    With the help of a cleverly designed mobile app, taking customer relations to a whole new level has never been easier. First of all, do not limit your opportunities just because of the fact that there are similar and more successful brands than yours. If you’ve got the capital, then you shouldn’t think twice before investing into creating an app for your brand. Provided that you have gauged and thought upon various factors like the five listed above, creating an app for your brand will only open up more opportunities rather than limiting them.

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