• 10 Unparalleled Online Resources Web Developers Can Benefit From

    Mar 24, 2012

    Designers and Developers of any professional web design and development firm, keen on making a mark in this industry, constantly looks for various resources that can help them enhance their skills, improve their technical knowledge and also update them about the recent changes in the rapidly changing field. Irrespective of whether you want to improve your web programming language skills, learn more about the best practices or seek inspiration from peers who are making waves in this industry, we have collated a list of the best online resources that can help you stay ahead of the game.
    1. W3 Schools (
    This is an online resource that offers a comprehensive range of tutorials and references for web design and development services providers who are just foraying into this field or have years of experience to their credit. W3 Schools is a repository of learning materials for every web programming language and services that are used on the internet today. The training materials are replete with examples, exercises, tutorials, coding, reference guides and quizzes that are indexed well to help you access them easily.
    2. A List Apart (
    A List Apart is an online resource for professional web design and development professionals who seek a holistic approach. This is an online resource for every web designer and developer who designs, develops or creates content across various niche areas. This online resource initially started off as a mailing list in the year 1997 and within just 15 years it has been officially launched as a website for all resources that are treasured assets in any web developer’s arsenal.
    3. Webmonkey (
    Webmonkey, which is currently owned by Wired Digital, has been a great online resource for web developers and designers right from the year 1996. This website has been revived twice since then and today, works on the lines of Wiki. It features leading contributions by web developers for the reference section, tutorial clearing house and also the code library.
    4. Dev Shed
    Dev Shed is one of the online resources that offer a combination of coding tutorials and an active community that offers not just free guides, but also instructional materials to web page design and development companies and individuals. The collection at Dev Shed has something for every developer, ranging from sample scripts to webmaster tools and language tutorials, with varying skill levels and technological requirements.
    5. Smashing Magazine (
    Smashing Magazine is an independent web publication that serves as a beneficial resource for web designers and developers who need to keep in touch with the latest updates in this field. This online resource is also a great platform to share best practices and engage in community discussions that talks about the most effective techniques and tools. Though a number of resources on this website focus on web design, there are articles that talk about WordPress template coding, tools and techniques for dynamic HTML and other types of software.
    6. Developer Tutorials (
    Developer Tutorials is an online resources that is the best suited for “ordinary” people who want to create “extraordinary” websites. This online resource has tutorials for various web programming languages and software for multimedia production. This website not just caters to the development needs of web professionals, but also offers extensive developer manuals and free scripts.
    7. Ajaxian (
    Ajaxian is a repository of all the materials you will ever need. This is a website that is replete with code examples, editorials, news, resource links, podcasts and more. This is one website that has more of news and latest trends as compared to resources for web design and development. Web builders keen on getting the latest information about tools and technologies in this field can benefit greatly from this online resource.
    8. DZone (
    Dzone is the ‘Digg’ for web designers and developers. This online resource is a community of like-minded individuals for sharing links, white papers, original editorial articles as well as reference cheatsheets.
    9. Sitepoint
    Sitepoint, a website that has seen a lot of changes right from the time of its existence, has survived the changing web technologies, standards and tastes. It is now a leading informational resource for designers as well as developers. There are free as well as paid instructional videos for a wide range of topics that cover HTML, Javascripts, CSS and more. In addition to a well indexed reference section, this website also has an active forum for idea exchange.
    10. O’Reilly
    O’Reilly is well known for its extensive range of books covering various technical topics. This website is also home to numerous free as well as paid resources and tutorials for website designers and developers. It has an answers platform to share queries and find answers from peers, video content, original blog, news, community knowledge base and more. Reference books from leading publication houses can be availed for a monthly subscription fee from the Safari Online Books section of this website.