• 10 ways Wi-Fi is killing you by the day

    Mar 25, 2015


    Even the World Health Organization regards Wi-Fi signals as a ‘possible carcinogenic agent’ i.e. a cancer causing agent. It is present in any and every place you could possibly imagine. For today’s social animal, their very survival depends on Wi-Fi. Whatsapping, Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking endlessly from a restaurant whilst eating fancy food or from a party, making countless people envious of you in the process. All major restaurants and public places are gracious enough to provide their customers with the facility of free Wi-Fi because your world will collapse if they don’t. Majority of the households today have Wi-Fi internet which runs every day and throughout the year, it is seldom switched off. Have a look at what the human body will suffer as a result of continual exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from Wi-Fi routers:


    1. Risk of Cancer

    There have been a lot of extensive studies conducted to suggest that continual exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes the development of cancerous cells in the body. People who are surrounded by Wi-Fi signals on an everyday basis are the ones at risk. Over a period of years it can result in the development of leukemia and brain tumor. The radiations emitted from Wi-Fi routers promotes the process of carcinogenesis.


    2. Cardiac Problems

    Normally a person with arrhythmia would be inquired about their dietary habits, if they smoke or not, exposure to poisonous chemicals and toxins. But surprisingly doctors are not asking the patient their intensity of usage of Wi-Fi internet. In the present scenario, this factor has become the most overlooked factor of an erratic heartbeat.


    cardiac problem



    3. Affects Male Fertility

    If you are a user of a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, apart from getting ‘toasted skin syndrome’ by constantly placing it on your lap for hours together, it will also affect sperm movement, will result in a low sperm count and also DNA damage.


    4. Females are at Risk Too

    Wireless frequencies affect egg implantation. It also affects that ability to conceive. During pregnancy, a fetus’ basic development is also disrupted if constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. A fetus’s brain patterns will be forever altered along with other lifelong consequences.


    5. Disruption of Brain’s Normal Function in Children

    While you conveniently hand your child an iPad and then you forget that they have been on it for hours at a stretch, as a parent you must realize the amount of damage you have already inflicted upon your child’s well being. As children are still in the growing stage, their brains are continuously developing. Exposing them to such radiation will slow down their brain’s activity, it will lower their response time, they will not be able to perform long and difficult tasks and get easily distracted.


    harmful effects of radiation


    6. Erratic Sleep Pattern

    Having a Wi-Fi router dangerously close to the space in which you sleep for example your night stand is not a very good idea. The radiation emitted from it is determined to not let you sleep at night. And all this while you wondered why you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night failing to fall back asleep again. And the answer to your problem was the WIFI router staring you right in your face (literally).


    7. Interruption in Basic Bodily Activity

    As Wi-Fi networks are increasing every day, all of us are being chronically surrounded by an ‘electro smog’ that is not letting the human body function smoothly like respiration, easy circulation of blood, control of temperature and the maintenance of a normal water balance.


    8. Chronic Fatigue and Stress

    With loss of sleep, a general feeling of tiredness is bound to follow. You will suffer from frequent headaches resulting in chronic stress. Excessive exposure to such radiation will also mess up the albumin and sugar concentration in your cerebrospinal fluid.


    health effects of wifi


    9. Nausea and dizziness

    After continuous usage of tablet PCs, especially an iPad, several people have reported feeling dizzy and nauseous due to being exposed to the heavy amount of radiation from the iPad.


    10. Memory loss

    People who have been working in Wi-Fi enabled environments for a very long period of time experience bouts of moments where they tend to forget the most trivial of things.


    dangers of wifi radiation


    It is not possible for you to completely shield yourself and your children from Wi-Fi radiations. Even when you have switched off yours, your neighbor would still be using Wi-Fi internet. By taking care of certain things like switching off your Wi-Fi router at night or whenever it is not needed and even placing your router in a common room, at least somewhere far enough to let you have a sound sleep is what you need to implement in your life.