• 15 Lessons to Learn from Steve Jobs’ Life

    Mar 21, 2012

    Steve Jobs “ a life unique, a personality“ beyond imagination, an entrepreneur “ with futuristic visions. Steve Jobs is a name that will keep glowing in the business world for his unique contributions in the field of “ technology, business and management. In a life span that was not so long, he has left many invaluable lessons for every person who has a will to see this world from a unique angle. Let us share some interesting lessons drawn from the life of a unique visionary.
    How to handle rejections
    He learned to deal with rejections very early in life. After being rejected by his parents, he was adopted by a couple who loved him very much. Later on, this profound feeling helped him conquer rejections that he faced in his professional world and turned them into opportunities.
    Get right to the source
    For anything he wanted, he made it a point to get to the source right away. He did not like to wait for the opportunity or for that matter, any idea, thing or equipment to reach him. He always took the initiative to reach out to the source first.
    Create your own world
    One aspect; which made Steve Jobs the person he was, was: if you do not like the way things are moving in your life, take the initiative to change them either by your actions or by force of will.
    Detail Oriented
    Though Jobs was a ‘hippie’ at heart to a certain degree, he liked everything to be in his control. He looked at products as his own extension. He was detail-oriented and wanted perfection in the environment around him.

    Take responsibility of your own doings
    As Jobs grew older and could see death coming nearer, he began to realize it was important to take responsibility of one’s own errors and own doings. It was a lesson, which was very close to his personal life.

    Be confident of your abilities

    Irrespective of what others thought of his attitude, appearance or manner, he was sure of his own sharp intellect.

    Believed in power beyond earthly realm
    Although he was not religious, he pursued spirituality and believed in a power that was beyond what we could see. This trait made him stronger that could be seen when he was immensely ill.

    Do not hesitate to join hands with brilliant people
    Jobs was aware of the fact that he did not possess every skill to achieve his aims and he never hesitated to approach other brilliant people who had the skills which he lacked. It is perfectly illustrated by his early partnership with Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder.
    Recognized the talent and brought them together
    He knew that expecting great things to be done needed talent of great players. He also knew that often great players found it hard to work with each other, but at the same time, they could not work with average workers. This was the reason he put together a team of talented people to get more unexpected results.
    Great Convincing power
    Though initially people might have found Jobs unpleasant and smelly, often he would convince people of his convictions. It was an asset of his personality that helped him persuade even the toughest people.

    Inspire others
    The fact was Steve Jobs was not a great computer programmer or technologist, but the most important aspect was he told others how this amazing technology could be useful for common people. He altered the way people looked at the computers or electronics.

    Follow your gut feeling
    Jobs had strong instincts about what could go well with public or the consumers and often, he was right. If he had huge confidence in his gut feeling and he always followed it.

    Never Afraid to take risks
    Jobs was never afraid to take risks. When everyone in the market was diversifying, he chose to reduce businesses and drop products. Rather, he chose to focus on only a few products and led the company in a single direction to achieve success in future and he was right! Result: Apple dominates the music market today.
    Take decisions though unpopular
    He was known for taking tough decisions for the company and business. He never cared about whether people around would like him for this aspect. Launching of The Newton, the personal digital assistant with the ‘almost-good handwriting-recognition system’_ was most visible such decision.
    Focus on your present
    Steve Jobs had tremendous power to focus on his visions and that is why; he did not slow down even when he was struggling with his terminating disease. In fact, he put all his energy and efforts to achieve some of his dearest of dreams in the short lifetime he was left with.