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    4 Important Reasons to Add your Business to Google Maps

    Sep 30, 2014


    Whenever you have trouble finding a new place, you might use Google Maps on your phone. All you need to do is put in your starting point and your destination and Voila! Your phone shows you the entire route in a matter of seconds.

    Not only the route, it shows the directions as well. Even if you are looking up a certain location or a business for that matter, a Google Map will also show you the street view and will give you a precise idea of how it looks like and what you could anticipate when you reach your destination.


    google map for website


    That’s not all. The moment you embed your location on your website, it looks like an image when somebody stumbles upon your website, but it’s actually interactive since you can move the cursor on it.

    But first, what you need to do is, choose a host, the place where you want your enterprise to be listed. If you choose Google Maps, fill out the necessary details. If your enterprise is located in a major city, Google also gives you another benefit of a free photo shoot for it. This further increases the legitimacy of your presence.

    There exist several other location providing hosts such as MapQuest, MultiMap etc. The data that Google Maps provides is not copyrighted. So if you are looking forward to cut down on your website’s maintenance expenses, make sure that you place your location on your website from a host whose data is not copyrighted.

    After you are done embedding your location onto your website, you will enjoy the benefits listed below:-


    1. Increases Accuracy

    You know where your business is precisely located, the streets and landmarks are familiar to you but not to your customers who will be viewing the address you might have displayed on your website.

    Merely putting up the name of the building and the street will not help your cause. Imagine the situation your customers might be in when they are struggling to look for the building your business is located in. By making use of an image from Google Maps you are agreeing to let them scroll around and it will allow them to spot a known landmark or a road that is familiar to them. They can even have a look at the street view and get an actual feel of precisely where your building is situated. It will be give precise location data that prospective customers are looking for.


    2. Increases Visibility on Search Engines

    Your business can show in Google local business listings if you have mapped your location. As Google has a major share in the local search traffic, it is crucial that your local listing ranks high on Google.

    Apart from Google organic web results and Google+ your local business listings also appear on Google maps.


    map your business


    3. Convenient for Your Customers

    By embedding your location using Google Maps, you are making things easy for your customers. People will find it easier to learn what they need to know about your company.

    By doing so, you are reducing the amount of steps a person makes to enquire about the legitimacy of your company. All those strenuous measures won’t be required anymore and it will increase your credibility and the visitor’s satisfaction.


    4. Ensures Hassle Free Sharing of Data

    Mapping your location on your website lets you easily share certain geographical data of your organization or enterprise. There are various companies possessing huge amounts of data which is of importance only if it can be circulated into the field easily.


    adding your business to Google maps


    If you want to provide people the information that they need, you perhaps should provide packaged geographical data, which can be accessed more swiftly on all kinds of devices.

    Today several websites are flourishing because of the ease of location sharing, which eliminates people’s doubts of any kind of “alien presence” of a certain enterprise or organisation. Not only that, location sharing is also interactive and above all, inexpensive. So what are you waiting for? Put your business on Google Maps today and gear up to reap the benefits.