• 4 Not-To-Be-Missed Elements of an Attractive Portfolio Page

    Dec 15, 2014


    Do you think that having a portfolio on your website is a waste of time? If your answer is yes, then please think again. Website portfolio is a capsule talking about your work, background and recognitions, all in one go.

    A portfolio has more impact on the visitors, as they don’t have to visit every corner of the website to know details about you. They can just click on your portfolio page and everything they want to know is right there!


    elements of a portfolio page


    What Not to Miss in a Portfolio

    If you want to add a portfolio page on your website, it is necessary that you carry out a detailed research of your competitors’websites that have added portfolio pages. This research will help you browse other websites as a common visitor. So you would get an idea of the important things that should be included in a portfolio.After a research you would be in situation to know about the portfolio must haves.

    Here are a few things that are imperative for your portfolio:


    1. Testimonials

    Testimonials from your clients on your page work as credentials. Testimonials showcase your relationship and rapport with your clients. It must be made sure that nothing stale makes any impact, so just keep replacing the old testimonials with new ones.Here is an effective client testimonial for the firm Marketing Media.


    web design portfolio


    2. Videos

    You can make your portfolio attractive by adding videos.Videos always have a higher impact because they appear more credible than text and also because audio-visual media are better understood. In this section, you can add some videos in order to introduce your team and the work environment. Also, you can add a video showing, how enthusiastically your team worked on a particular project.


    add video on the portfolio page


    3. Awards

    Adding the awards you have received for your work in the past is also another factor that makes your portfolio credible and up to the mark. If these awards are from the authorities that are valued in your field, then it is an icing on the cake.


    portfolio web design award


    4. Social Media

    It is equally important to add your blog and social networking links in your portfolio. This helps the visitors to connect with you.


    Besides, adding the above mentioned elements on your portfolio page, here are a few points, which you should remember while adding a portfolio page on your website:


    • Choose Engaging Content

    Visitors to your website will judge you by what you show on your portfolio page, so be careful while choosing the content for this page. First have a look at all your previous projects and choose the best to demonstrate on the portfolio page. There can be four to five of them, but they must be worth showcasing and the best of the lot.

    Choose only those examples from the previous work, which you want to do in the future also. Because a prospective customer will associate you with the type of work you showcase in your portfolio.

    For instance, if you are a website offering services, you can list and add details of your previous and current projects. How you made impact on those projects and how did your service add the quality to your client’s work.

    The portfolio page of bluefusionweb includes their previous projects, their current projects and it also includes what their clients have to say about them. On the very page, contact information is also added so that browsers don’t have to further move to other pages in case of queries or doubts.


    website portfolios


    • Ensure Good Presentation

    Presentation of the content can make or mar your portfolio page. You may choose to showcase your previous work in a way that it covers everything from the beginning, as in from where you started and what difference you made to it. If it’s a new project you can show the whole process in some steps through pictures or screen shots.

    In case you revamped an old site, then you can show the before and after versions. has divided its portfolio section in four categories, i.e. video portfolios, B-Roll videos, E-Commerce portfolios and website examples. All these four sections very well elaborate the clients, their requirements, their previous website and the one on which mindactive has worked on.


    design portfolio website


    • Highlight your USP

    It is crucial that even when you are showcasing your work on the portfolio page, you must not fail in establishing a relation between your work and your USP. Express your views about the work and how your USP always takes you in the right direction.

    Last but not the least; keep your portfolio updated by adding new work and assignments. So that everyone knows that you don’t stop!

    While designing, it is must that portfolio page is not cluttered, it should be simple and perfect in conveying what you want to put across to your present or prospective clients. Portfolio pages work as a sales agent. It is all about showcasing your work in an impressive way.

    So this definitely calls for the need of a professional web designing & development company to guide you to design that awesome portfolio for your website to attract more visitors page.!