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    4 Ways Web Changed Lives of Indians in 2014

    Jan 14, 2015


    With the arrival of newer applications for smartphones and innovative internet-based services, the tech development has revolutionized the way we live our lives everyday. From travel apps to banking app, every smartphone application has become a necessity in the life of the users in India.

    The following are noteworthy 4 ways in which the internet has changed the lives of Indians in the year 2014:


    1. Online Grocery Shopping

    2014 totally changed the way users perceived online shopping especially online grocery shopping. The high demand for E-Commerce Website Development and online grocery buyers forced many grocery retailers to have their e-store. Though biscuits, cookies, chocolates and processed food form 48% of the grocery items purchased online, fresh fruits, dairy products and vegetables also fall in this list with a decent 18% of grocery sold in the online stores. Recent surveys show that mostly office goers, bachelors and senior citizens living alone prefer the online grocery shopping service in India.


    2. Online shopping

    Do you know there are more than 10 million active online shoppers in India? Few researches show that with the flood of E-Commerce Websites, the annual growth rate of online shopping in India in the year 2014 is whopping 40%. No wonder the online retail and wholesale giants like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Myntra, Yepme and more have come up with the best known marketing mantra of the year known as the GOSF (the Great Online Shopping Festival) to cater to these active and highly potential 10 million users.
    Due to the evolution of IT industry in India, hiring a quality web design company for ecommerce web development has become the mantra of the day, even for small and medium businesses.


    online shopping India


    3. Net Banking

    With net banking services offered by all registered and authorized banks in India, the way people perceived banking has also changed in 2014. Just like the ATM debit cards, the need for online banking account has also become mandatory for everyone holding a bank account. Not just money transactions but Internet banking gives a plethora of services like easy recharges, bill payments etc which have made life all the more easy.


    4. Online payment of utility bills like Water, Electricity etc.

    Need to pay your electricity bill amidst your busy work schedule? No worries, here is a mobile app, just download it and quickly pay your electricity bill online!


    online bill payment


    Not just electricity bills, but also other utility bills, mobile bills, EMI payment, insurance payment, and more can be done in just few clicks that too on-the-go.

    From apps that can take orders and surf the internet to apps that can let people work in the comfort of their home, the web has changed our lives dynamically. Apart from several ways tech changed the lives of Indians, web too has made its contribution.