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    5 Benefits of Adding Keywords in your Website’s URLs

    Oct 26, 2014


    If you want to optimize your site according to the search engines you should add keywords in your URLs, provided they accurately describe the content of your pages. If you have a blog supporting your online business then it becomes all the more important to add keywords in the URL because you get a chance to optimize your URLs for all your posts.

    You should put the main keywords in the start of the URL, as many search engines do not give importance to words at the end. Let us have a look at how it is beneficial to have a keyword rich URL and domain name:


    1) Ensures More Traffic

    If your domain name is rich in keywords you can improve the CTR (Click through Rate) considerably and it helps you in pulling in more traffic.


    keyword rich URL


    As you can see in the image above, when a user enters a query in the search engine, the keywords in the website URL, which match his query, are highlighted in bold.

    Having your keyword highlighted in the search engines is a good way to stand out from your online competitors in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Relevant keywords give you the greatest opportunity of catching the visitor’s eye and getting him to click on your site.


    2) Helps in Brand Awareness

    The presence of keyword in your URL and domain name gives you an edge, when marketing your brand. Every search result is like a little commercial, so having your keyword feature in your company URL will help in the expansion of your brand.

    The URL can play a part in advertising your organization’s name in the SERPs. Take your keyword out of the URL and you will have to rely only on Title tag and Meta description for higher search engine rankings. So fill your URL with keywords, to make more people aware of your brand. But you should avoid Keyword Stuffing and use only the keywords that are related to your products and services. Google penalizes websites that follow this practice of using irrelevant keywords, and you may end up losing your place on Google Index.


    3) Attracts Attention

    If you want to attract attention of your prospective customers towards a very specific keyword or phrase, it is advisable to have a domain name with that keyword or phrase. You can use this name for your landing page and once the visitor has arrived, he can then be directed to your main site, thus making things easy for you.


    4) Gets More Clicks on Ads

    Having a keyword rich domain name is highly beneficial for pay for click ads and banner ads. When users see an ad having a unique domain name which contains relevant terms, they are more likely to click on these ads and also the link on these ads.


    5) Helps in Targeting Local Market


    add keywords


    If you want to target your local market, then your domain name needs to reflect it clearly. It would be easy for your local users to locate you on search engines and on your geographical identifier.

    Moreover, it gets easier to put a number of modifiers which may be relevant and useful to your website. But you should keep in mind that the keywords are appealing to the local targeted market. This will help you in generating good traffic and boosting your sales.

    Many organizations out there are operating under a keyword rich domain name and are reaping the benefits. They have profited from higher search engine rankings and successfully promoted their brands to the target audience. Therefore, add keywords to your website and URL to get good results like improved quality of visitors, higher conversion rates and most importantly more closed customers. Go ahead and hire a professional web design company who will guide you at each step to implement the above guidelines.