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    5 Benefits of Having Customer Video Testimonials on your Website

    Oct 07, 2014


    Nothing influences the human mind more than what words do. That is the purpose testimonials serve whilst selling your product to prospective customers.  A written testimonial can do wonders as your marketing collateral. Now, just think about the benefits of a video testimonial. Not only can it be heard, but your prospective customers can get a real sense of how their product experience will be. Take a note of the following benefits of having video testimonials:-


    1. Creates Trust

    Several companies tend to forget that not only are they marketing their particular product or service, they are promoting their reliability as well. It is to be understood that a business’s reliability is just as highly valued as the product or service they are trying to sell. If a customer has even the slightest doubt regarding a product or regarding your company, they will certainly not put their money at any kind of risk.

    Video testimonials are instrumental in creating a sense of trust, particularly for companies and start ups that are not popular far and wide among consumers. When a real person provides an authentic response to your company’s service, through a video testimonial, it encourages prospective customers to buy a certain product or invest in that particular company.

    benefits of testimonials


    2. Increases Search Engine Visibility

    Currently, various search engines are on a continuing quest to remove ambiguities that have found way into their algorithms. Such ambiguities permit various companies to use search engine tricks to manipulate the search results. Google concentrates on making sure that its algorithm-driven search results must deliver the top most service to its users. Thus it guards them from going through various spam results to reach to the information they actually want.

    Now that search engines are becoming clever and are well able to reflect your preferences, they progressively support websites that have ample video content. This is because of short attention spans; people prefer videos to long paragraphs cluttered with text.


    3. Humanizes your Brand

    Lots of customers carry with them a feeling of detachment from a particular company or business because it takes time to build trust online in comparison to a store visit. And that is where a video testimonial will work its magic! It will put a face to your company or business and will provide your brand with a personality. Refining your brand with the help of a video testimonial is easy and it will make your company or business more relevant among customers.


    4. Helps to Gain Social Media Momentum

    Websites for a particular company or a business that also have presence on social media pages for their business have good prospects of reaching out to a larger audience. They can enjoy the remunerations of their video testimonials by posting those clips on YouTube and Facebook for an extra dosage of their presence on social media. Yet another added strategy which can be used to score more followers and buzz online.


    5. Creates Interest

    If you want your company or business to shine and to gain buzz, put your thinking caps on and come up with a new and interesting sales pitch. You will have the full and undivided attention of your customer by letting them listen and see your sales pitch, instead of making them read from cluttered text on your website.

    Video testimonials are an innovative way to pitch to customers who have never heard about your company or business and it can also serve the purpose of customers who are coming back to have a look at your business. Grab a hold of all of your sales pitch tactics and show them off with the help of a video testimonial.

    Take a look at this example of what a crisp and effective video testimonial looks like:-

    This is HubSpot. Their goal is to intensify incoming website traffic by reducing the output cost.


    video testimonial


    In this particular video testimonial, you get a review of HubSpot’s performance for the company as a whole. This hits right on the spot! Let’s get into the slightest of details that really catch the eye.

    -The results are precise and to the point. It includes statistics (as it can be seen on the right side of the video box) that will provide you with the exact amount of the success that another company had as a result of making use of HubSpot’s services.

    -The video testimony is credible. The blurbs from various personnel of the company show that by partnering with HubSpot, the other company was positively affected in several areas of the company.

    The CEO elucidates that the company’s revenue augmented by 170% during the first two years. The Director of Technology Solutions tells you that his flow of work was combined, which made their marketing hard work more appreciated.

    HubSpot’s video testimony in this particular example provides a very strong clue to how their business went from inefficient outbound marketing to flourishing when they changed their software and practices to go inbound.


    Hire a professional web design company and request them to add a video testimonials section into your website in a way that it commands maximum attention.