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    5 Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers

    Aug 20, 2014

    You have probably considered running your own blog, just like what most people are doing these days. However, before you start to do so, think about the amount of time and energy you are willing to devote on it. After all, you cannot simply start a blog and leave it untouched for months. Neglecting your blog only gives you and your business a poor impression from the public who are always in search of fresh, up-to-date and relevant content. So, be sure to create a blog ONLY when you are committed to maintaining it regularly.

    1)      Important Facts about Blog Creation and Management

    When it comes to content creation, you need to keep your blog posts active as this helps with your SEO campaigns. By keeping your content updated, you are giving your website a better chance at getting indexed, which boosts online popularity and traffic. In addition, internet users are more likely to check out your blog instead of the competition if they notice that your website is active.

    As the amount of traffic to your website increases consistently, you are also inching closer to becoming an authority in your niche. Soon enough, your visitors will realize the value of your content and start sharing it via social media. This would mean a higher conversion rate and greater profits as more people visit your website regularly.

    While you maintain the superior quality of the content you write by opting for valuable content, you can even obtain more inbound links from websites that are always in search of articles to cite in their own blogs. When this happens, your ranking in search engine results pages will improve, and you will gain more inbound leads over time.

    2)      Why it Pays to Update your Blog

    Google features it as “Freshness Update”, which is an evidence of how this major search engine places great importance on content that contains fresh and up-to-date information. Hence, this should be a massive reason for website owners to keep their blog posts updated as often as possible. Unless you are dedicated to publishing new articles regularly, it would be better not to create a blog at all.

    It is also worth noting that search engines crawl and index blog posts on a regular basis. In most cases, websites with stale content hardly show up in search results, particularly those with poor quality articles. So, if you care enough about your ranking, your ROI and your target audience, then make sure to provide quality and up-to-date content that people would actually want to read.

    3)      Add Value to your Content

    If you are writing content for your company or business, then be sure to include details that will captivate the attention of your visitors. You should not simply write about random news that no one even cares about. Instead, provide interesting information such as new products and services or new hires that will make people want to read further. Information-rich posts that include city names or product names are also the ones that most people normally use each time they conduct online searches. This means, you are enhancing your online visibility if your content includes items that are often displayed in search results.

    You should also hook non-regular visitors to your website by thinking about the kind of content you post. For instance, new visitors may want to learn more about any recent news about your business. Create blog posts that will give them an idea about any improvements or updates relevant to your company, and make sure these are interesting enough to encourage people to visit your website regularly.

    4)      Hook your Readers for Repeat Visits

    Blogging is more like running a TV show – if what you offer is engaging and captivating enough, then people will never have any second thoughts about checking out what you have in store for them. With this in mind, the best way to gain loyal website visitors is by keeping people engaged and excited about your blog posts. Having a grammatically correct article does not suffice, since what readers want is a blog that features entertaining and relevant content. It also helps if your posts can stimulate discussion that will enable you to interact to your readers.

    A brilliant and catchy title is another great feature of engaging social media content. After all, the title is the first thing that people see when they visit your website to check out your blogs. Be sure it can instantly grab their attention and make them want to learn more by reading the rest of your post.

    When you want to keep people glued to your website, it may help if you conduct research on posts that most internet users read about, search often, or share frequently in social media. This should help you create an engaging piece that would interest and impress your readers at the same time.

    5)      Position yourself as an Expert

    Each time you have an excellent idea on what to write about, be sure that the topic is something you are very much familiar with. Although there may be similar topics online that you can refer when creating your own content, the last thing you want to do is to simply regurgitate what you have read online. More than anything, you need to keep in mind that being an authority in your field matters greatly in gaining online exposure and more visitors. You need to set yourself as an expert on the topic, and this can only happen if your content is a reflection of your years of expertise and experience in that field.

    Google Authorship is another feature that can help boost your ranking and conversion rates. This is what makes it possible to have your image appear right next to the link to your website that appear in search results. More often than not, authors whose image shows up in search results are likely to gain more visits to their website. Thus, higher traffic can generate more leads and greater chances of making a sale.

    With all these things in mind, creating a blog comes with a huge responsibility. Your dedication and perseverance to maintaining the freshness and quality of your blog are key factors that can affect your ranking for higher returns on your investment in the long run.