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    5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote your Business

    Jul 10, 2014

    Social media is here to stay; there is no doubt about it. Every business owner finds it a central part of their online tools. Using social media has been proven to be one of the surest ways of driving people to one’s site. However, many business owners have not taken full advantage of this helpful tool. A recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review came up with interesting findings. Only about 12% of business owners can say that they have used the social media effectively.

    If you intend to use social media for business it is important to know that it comes with a lot of work. Many find this tiring so that they do not take full advantage of it. It is also important that you set aside resources and practice commitment. Choosing a good strategy will enable you realize more from social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Here are tips on how you can come up with such a strategy.

    1) Ensure that you are Connected with your Audience

    It is important that you create a social media presence and this should be incorporated in every aspect of the site. Instead of introducing complex registration steps for your users, you can use the existing system to make it easier for them to navigate. Another way of engaging your audience is to ensure that the products on your site are easily shared. Your customers can be your best assets when it comes to selling your brand to other potential customers.

    2) Do Not Oversell

    The common mistake which business owners make is overselling their products and services. When sharing information about your products, it is advisable that you only include a small percentage of promotional content on social media. A better part of the post should give genuine descriptions of the services or product and leave the target audience to decide for them.

    3) Incorporate Visuals on your Site

    Most business owners underestimate the power of visuals when developing a strategy for marketing their ecommerce websites. It is common knowledge that humans are visual beings and including photographs or videos on your site can draw the much needed attention to your site. If you are running a clothing business, for instance, it would be advisable that you include photos of the clothes which you sell alongside the content you post on social media sites. Pinterest and Instagram are some of these useful sites that come in handy when you consider visuals as a marketing tool.

    4) Always Make Improvements

    Social media gives every business owner the opportunity to reap from its benefits. If you are doing something wrong, it would help if you changed that. For instance, if you have been posting at the wrong times, it would be better to monitor your highest activity and post at those times.

    5) Entice your Audience

    One sure way of ensuring that your audience is kept glued to your site is by introducing incentives. Giving them bonuses and discounts on prices of items or services is one way of doing this. If you are smart and address the personal needs of your customers, you can rise up the social media scene by using these effective social media techniques and reap profits from it.