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    5 Tips to Optimise Product Pages and Boost Sales

    Oct 14, 2014


    Currently, there are over 600 million websites existing in this vast universe of the World Wide Web. And your website forms a small speck in it. If you want your online business to stand out, you need to optimize your product pages because they can convert a visitor into a customer. Here are some tips that will help you boost sales by having awesome product pages:


    1)    Provide Engaging Content

    For your product pages you cannot afford to duplicate content provided by the suppliers. It is because you know your target audience and your suppliers may not. So the content needs to be tailored according to individual preferences and also according to the search engines. In today’s competitive internet marketing landscape, good content is instrumental in driving more traffic to your site. You can use the services of a professional writer who is adept in creating engaging content and is well-versed with the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Meta data, traffic generation etc.

    Here are certain Do’s and Don’ts which need to be kept in mind while creating content for your product pages:


    – Make sure that the content is creative, so that the visitors find it entertaining and informative.

    – Ensure that the content is visually appealing. Have small paragraphs for product descriptions and use text breakers like bullet points, images, tables so that your pages look lively.

    -Create SEO friendly content by including various keywords in the title, Meta description and image captions so that it is easy for search engines to spot and for people to stumble upon and discover your website.

    – If you have a short product description (which is about 60-80 words) stick to a single key term that is stated maximum two or three times.


    -Don’t go overboard with keywords while writing product descriptions because the content may look dull and fail to attract the visitor.

    -Don’t pick content from other websites and rephrase it, because people come to you only if they get something fresh and appealing.

    Good content will ultimately enhance the image of your brand and will establish credibility among your customers.


    2)    Avoid Cluttering Your Web Pages

      cluttered web page


    Product pages which are cluttered with pictures, text and frivolous functionalities are a mood spoiler because they confuse your visitors .In the page depicted above, the user can easily get confused as there are so many objects, vying for your attention simultaneously. The trick is to keep it simple so that the Call to action is clear and this in turn will boost your sales considerably!


    3)    Ensure Faster Loading

    A sluggish product page would end up frustrating the visitor and he may give up and go to some other site. So don’t be elaborate with designing and ensure that your page loads faster and provides a good response.

    speed up your website

    4)    Design Conversion Oriented Pages


    product page design


    Page design is crucial in converting a visitor into a customer. Successful e-commerce websites like have switched over to a three column layout which gives more space to the different elements on the page.

    The content should be on the left and centre and near the top of the page. Make sure that the product can be added to a cart by one click. Also, it is important that the checkout button is not close to user-generated content, which cannot be controlled.

    5)    Tailor the URL Structure According to Search Engines

    The URL of your product page should include the product name along with the category. By doing this you can pull your target audience and ensure more traffic because search engines consider URL structure while determining website ranking. If your product page URL contain keywords for product name, it will look more important to the search engines.


    example of good product page


    Get your product pages optimized by a professional web design & development company and see the difference. More people will be attracted to your website and soon they will be converted into reliable customers!