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    5 Tools to Manage your Online Reputation

    Feb 16, 2015


    Are you curious to know what people around the world are saying about you? Yes, it is very important to know as this actually affects your online reputation. There may be both positive & valuable feedback and negative comments awaiting you in this online world.

    If you go out searching it for yourself, you may end up wasting a lot of time. Right here, comes the role of reputation managing tools which come for free and at a cost as well. And at the same time, they make your task hassle-free! A little research can help you find the most apt tool for your website.

    Here are a few free reputation management tools :


    1) Resort to Google


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    When in doubt it is best to resort to Google for all kinds of assistance. Apart from offering the best search engine, Google now offers various tools and applications that are helpful both personally and professionally. Google Alerts is one such free tool that Google offers. By using Google Alerts you can keep getting constant email updates about any brand or website that you want to keep a tab on. You can get Google Alerts for your website as well as for the websites of your competitors. The frequent alerts are sure to allow you to be aware of the trending websites and businesses that interest you.



    2) Turn to the Tweets


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    Similar to Google Alerts, Tweet Alerts allow you to remain updated about the popularity of your website as well as other sites and products. Tweet Alerts send regular email updates, which offer details of how many times your business has been mentioned in any Tweet. Similarly you can keep a tab on your competition. Finding trends also become easy with the help of the Tweet Alerts, as they can notify you about the popularity of which ever product or service that interest you. Keeping a tab on the Tweet popularity of your brand may be exactly what your business or website needs.



    3) Know when Pinned


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    The popularity of Pintrest makes it possible for you to keep a check on the popularity of a brand on this website. Pintrest offers the facility of pinning something from different websites onto Pintrest. Of course, you need to allow the facility of being able to post content from your site as pins on Pintrest. When any viewer pins anything from your site, your site immediately gains more attention. In such a case Pin Alerts offer email notifications. As soon as anything from your website is shared over Pintrest, the Pin Alert sends you an email. This allows you to keep track of what is being shared from your site onto Pintrest.


    4) Track through Topsy


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    Topsy is a kind of a real-time search engine, but unlike other search engines the ranking system is quite different on this tool. The tool prides itself for being in the market since 2006, making it one of the earliest reputation monitoring tools. But apart from being around for a long time, Topsy offers a well indexed result for Tweets. No matter which product, item or brand you are looking for you are sure to get a comprehensive list of all the mentions that the search queries have on various sites.



    5) Count Complaints


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    It is not just about how popular your website is getting, you also need to keep track of any complaints that viewers might be posting about your website or business. There might be a number of people talking about your website, but it is important to know what is being said. If you are unaware of the complaints that are being raised about your site then you might not be able to address them and end up losing viewers. This is where Search All of the Complaint Websites at Once tool comes in handy. A free tool that helps you get feedback from more than 40 complaint sites is integral for monitoring the reputation of your site.



    There are many more free tools, like WhosTalkin, KnowEm, Ubersuggest and Image Raider and so on, that can come handy if you are looking for ways to monitoring your online reputation. Apart from the free tools there are various paid tools as well, like Buzzlogic, Radian6, Trackur and Reputation Defender.

    These tools give you the complete information about the perks that your rivals are offering and the complaints that viewers have about your website.You need to keep a track of all the good and bad things being written about you online. If there are any negative comments or remarks, you should react to them immediately in order to maintain your current databse of customers and avoid losing the new ones. As the old saying goes, it takes years to build something but only one small mistake to destroy it.

    So, as long as you can offer the viewers what they are looking for, the results of reputation monitors are sure to bring a smile on your face.

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