• 6 Must Have Design Elements for a Successful E-commerce Website Development

    Jun 24, 2014

    As the number of businesses resorting to selling their wares on the World Wide Web keep steadily increasing, web designers need to be constantly on their toes to be able to deliver on the web needs and wants of their e-commerce. The Internet has examples galore of e-commerce websites that have done extremely well, as well as those that have failed miserably. This highlights the importance of some of the essential design features that can enhance the success probability of your e-commerce business.

    Read on as we shed here some light on design features and essentials that make a website work. Success of every e-commerce website largely depends on its function and usability and compromising with any of these aspects would make the website not worthy of being considered as a successful e-commerce entity.

    1) Quickly Access Products Through a Search Box

    An easily visible search box on top of the site that works impeccably is an absolute must! It allows visitors and customers to quickly and conveniently access the product or service they are looking for. Automatic completion of words and phrases in the search box saves time and helps deliver a hassle-free expereince for the user.

    2) Design a Highly Effective and User Friendly Shopping Cart

    Another non-negotiable design feature that no e-commerce website can do without is a shopping cart that is easily visible and accessible from every page of the website. The cart needs to be highly effective and user-friendly, where selecting and deleting the products to be bought is easily accomplished. Going beyond just the basics and incorporating other important features like shipping estimate based on zip code of the customer, an intuitive check-out process and providing multiple shipping and payment options ensure that your website is an instant hit with e-shopaholics!

    3) Click Here to Buy!

    Even the best of descriptions and most wonderful of products can prove to be completely useless without calls to action! The integral click here to buy button should not just be stratigically placed but also lead through the design. Make sure that these buttons work properly as a non-working link could lead to increased user frustration and decreased revenues.

    4) AttractiveProduct Showcase=Increased Sales

    An attractive and effective way of product showcase makes a website not just visually appealing but also adds to its popularity. Investing in a great photographer for your website can go a long way to ensure that your products are shown in the best possible light and make for a pretty and enticing picture that gets converted into increased sale for your business.

    5) Secured Payment Gateway

    A secured payment gateway is one essential feature that is indispensable for all e-commerce websites of any repute. As shopping on the website requires customers to key in their credit and debit card details, an approved and secured payment gateway is of utmost importance for them, as is an SSL certificate that is up-to-date.

    6) Never Miss Out on Contact Information

    Any potential buyer on your website might have queries and questions that need to be addressed immediately to keep him getting away to your competitors. This is where your site’s contact information tab comes in handy. Even if live chat support is not a possibility, getting back to your customers with answers they seek must be attempted in a timely manner to close in on the sale as soon as possible.