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    6 Reasons for Having ‘Live Chat Support’ on your Website

    Nov 03, 2014


    Ever got stuck up while shopping on a website? If your answer is in the affirmative then did you use the chat window to clear your queries? A recent research conducted by Forrester Research has suggested that as many as 44% of online shoppers feels live chat is one of the best options offered by an e-commerce site, when they are in middle of purchase.

    Live chat option on your e-commerce site helps your visitors a great deal. Not only does it provide instant answers to all queries of prospective customers, but also increases the likelihood of better returns in terms of sales and traffic. In case of doubts or queries, a visitor either moves to other websites or closes the website feeling lazy to make a call at a call center. So, Online live chat window is an instant solution for all queries that you may have, while checking out a website.


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    Here are the benefits of live chat window on your website:


    1) Enables Multitasking

    With the facility of live chat window, shoppers or visitors don’t have to stop the activity while chatting. They can understand or clear the doubts easily without diverting away from the page. On the company’s front as well, chat representatives can do multi tasking by replying to multiple questions simultaneously, while saving time and cost. In fact, it is much easier to clear your confusion while staying on the web page and talking to the website representative.

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    2) Better than Calling Customer Care

    To contact a customer care call center, there are a number of steps to be followed. On all these steps one needs to dial different numbers. This time taking procedure sometimes makes a customer change his decision and he may feel tempted to try some other option.

    While in case of live chat window, there is no number dialing and no waiting, it is just very quick. From a website owner’s point of view as well, live chat window reduces the call center cost burdens and improves the efficiency, as a representative can respond to multiple queries at one point of time.


    3) More Effective than other Contact Methods

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    A customer care full service performance Study undertaken in 2013 has revealed that the number of online customers using email feature for their queries has come to 23%, whereas, for live chat this figure is at 42%. Only 16% customers seek the answers to their queries on social media platforms. It has also been proved that customers, who use live chat option while buying any product online are the most satisfied with their decisions.

    Live chat is one of the fastest-growing technologies for businesses today, according to John Cooper, Vice President of National Accounts for IceWarp. IceWarp, Inc. is a software company situated in Springfield, VA. It provides messaging, voice and collaboration solutions for small and medium enterprises. Cooper is of the view that by enabling live chat window, a company is facilitating customer service at a faster rate.


    4) Improved Sales Figures

    Results of a survey conducted by Andersen Consulting have indicated that about 62% of online customers prefer purchasing products on Internet, if features like live chat or customer support is offered by a website.

    These poll results are not surprising, as if a customer’s query is solved instantly he will be happy to go ahead with the purchase. It has also been observed that through live chat window, site representatives are in a better position to persuade the customer for buying extra products as well.


    5) More Conversion Possibilities

    Many times, due to lack of clarity and no live customer support, many shoppers just move away, but if the doubt is cleared on time and with a personal touch, the likelihood of a visitor to turn into consumer increases manifold. Customers become patron to a website, if their confusions are cleared with no hassles and they get genuine suggestions by the customer support. Live chat offers a human touch to the customers just like in a real store, where as the automated suggestions just work on the online history of a customer.


    6) Helps in Analyzing Visitors

    There are certain live chat options that enable the monitoring of website visitors live. This live monitoring helps in assembling important information about the visitors and all the sources they used in order to reach your website. This tool also helps in knowing about the keywords bringing visitors to your website, so that you can focus on them.

    With the growing business of e-commerce sites, a lot many people these days shop online. Having online chat does give your website an edge over your competitors. So, with a well trained staff, well planned chat availability hours and customer friendly features Online Live chat can bring you great returns! Go, hire a top web design company and get this feature added to your website. Don’t have a website yet? Hire us and kickstart your project now.