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    7 Simple Solutions to your Technology Problems

    Jun 30, 2015


    Our lives have increasingly become dependent on technology. The use of technology is no longer limited to our workplace but it has steadily made an entry into our daily lives and today we cannot hope to live without it.

    However with the increased usage of technology, we often encounter some hurdles. We have all been annoyed at the poor net strength in certain parts of our house, or weak Wi-Fi signals in certain rooms. Not all of us are tech savvy enough to know how to encounter these problems unfortunately. So we groan and we moan and we make do with the little hurdles because let’s face it – no one wants to call a technician for these little things or maybe we have called technicians and spent a considerable amount to no avail.

    Thus with increasing complexity of technology we are often at sea when it comes to navigation or basic operation. We are in dire need of easy solutions for those not too technologically sound to help themselves overcome these hurdles that technology so very often poses.


    1. Wi-Fi Printers


    wifi printer

    Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, which roughly translates to the fact that we don’t have to move around or work or put in a minimum effort and get a lot of work done. Well here’s a solution which will allow people to sit in one place and do a lot of work which would normally require them to move from one room to the other. Wireless printers and storage devices come with built in Wi-Fi which allows the user to place a print command from another room. Same goes for storage devices, connecting it to a Wi-Fi network makes the drive available to all devices on the network. However, to use these features a user might need to upgrade their router to a Belkin or an Asus anything above a two thousand rupees range should be a good option to go with.


    2. Biowatch


    You may have so many cards, PINs, keys and passwords that you may forget and also if they get hacked there is a big authentication problem. So BIOWATCH is an awesome device which uses the pattern of your wrist veins as a biometric solution. It uses the unique pattern of your wrist veins to help you change your keys and password. All you need to do is, attach this module to the inside of your watchband and you are good to go.


    3. Portable Chargers

    portable device charger

    We use a lot of devices on the go now and one of our primary concerns are that the devices might run out of juice. It is a justified concern seeing as we access the net all the time, maximize brightness settings and mostly do work that has a heavy effect on the battery. Usually these devices are charged based on their amps. One way to ensure that our devices don’t die on us when we’re doing something important is to carry an extremely inexpensive six port charger. However one downside is that we must use our own cables. These chargers are extremely useful for emergencies. Although they take long to charge the smart phones as they operate on a meager 1 amp and can’t really be used to charge laptops or tablets completely, they can bail users out of an emergency.


    4. All-In-One Remote

    all in one remote control

    With multiple devices come multiple remote controls. And let’s face it having so many remote controls is not handy – one for the television, one for the air conditioner, one for the gaming console, one for the DVD player. The best way to tackle this problem would be to use a universal remote. Logitech harmony remotes are an excellent option which users can consider. Some smart phones also come with IR emitters which allow them to function as remotes. This sufficiently solves the problem of handling numerous remotes and keeping track of all of them at the same time.


    5. Power Consumption Monitor

    power consumption monitor

    One of the major problems we face is the massive power drain in our households. Even when devices are on standby mode they manage to drain small amounts of energy. This leads to increased bills. However turning the power off at the mains is a good way to counter this problem. One should install a power consumption monitor which has a numeric display of the power consumed by devices in standby mode. This is instrumental in keeping us aware of the power consumed, so that we keep a check on the extra consumption.


    6. Device Locator

    device tracker

    Do you often forget where you kept your remote and then get tired of the frantic search? You will not have to worry anymore, thanks to a device called Tile. You can stick Tile to the objects that you tend to misplace and it tracks them using a companion app for iOS.
    This device is slim and waterproof and displays the last known location of the items on a map. It also shows you a radar style view so that you get to know how far you are from the object. Tile works within the range of 50-150 foot and also has a beeper, which helps you track the objects close by.


    7. Cable Organizer

    cord organizer


    No one likes to see cables snaking through their houses, yet with all these devices it is inevitable. Thus the best way would be to use a cable cover organizer or simple zip ties.

    Thus these simple and inexpensive methods can help us overcome the daily hurdles that technology poses and enjoy it to the fullest.