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    7 Tips and Tricks to Write an Impressive Resume

    Apr 28, 2015


    Technology jobs are the most desired jobs for job seekers all over the world. Attractive pay, incentives, work flexibility and growth opportunities are luring more and more peoples into this field. If you are looking forward to a successful career in technology, a well drafted and properly structured resume will make you go places!

    Studies reveal that the recruiters spend only a minute in analyzing the candidate, through his resume. You just get a minute to impress your recruiter. So how to make the most of it?

    The recruiters and the HR consultants view a candidate’s resume as the first material to evaluate his potential and skills. A resume is nothing but selling your credentials to the company that hires you.

    The following are seven key tips you must follow while drafting your resume. These tips are indeed must-follow so that the recruiter gets better impression about you and your skill set:

    1. Keep it Simple

    This is the first thing that should come to your mind while writing your resume. Just because you are an IT professional, it does not mean your resume should address only readers with adequate knowledge about the technology field. The recruiter can be non-technical person so your resume should be well-drafted to make him understand you better, as he reads it for the first time.

    2. Make it Concise

    A technology professional’s resume should be concise. No need to explain in detail all the courses you have learnt and your technical skills. Also no lengthy previous work responsibilities are needed in your resume. For a new IT graduate just a single page resume will do and for experienced, two to three pages are enough.

    3. Use Keywords

    Use keywords in your resume as they help a great deal. Make use of various tech-related keywords which are really simple to understand. Always know when you upload your resume online, it is only the keywords that you have used helps your resume appear in the search box of recruiters while they look for technology candidates with expected skills.

    4. Summaries

    Normally, a technology resume does not require any special summary. Your work experience, your skill set, your course completion details, and your personal details are just enough to impress the recruiter. Shorter resume summary with a crisp resume title defines your abilities sound and better.

    5. Dates

    Make sure the dates are perfect, updated and straight. The dates on which you have completed your course, work experience etc. are really important. The dates you mention in your resume give the recruiter an idea about how updated you are with the industry. Also it helps them to know how stable you have been with the companies you have worked with so far.

    6. Accolades

    It is a simple tip yet a powerful one for a technology professional’s resume. Give a crisp note on your achievements and accolades. They help you define your skill set and work efficiency better.

    7. Template

    Chose a professional template that will make your resume look good on different devices, irrespective of the OS.

    The core strength of a resume relies in the way it is drafted, compiled, designed and presented. For successfully creating a perfect resume you can divide the resume into two major segments. The first segment consists of the outer elements of a resume and the second segment consists of inner elements of a resume.