• 7 Ways to Create a Buzz Around your Website

    Jun 04, 2014

    Incredible products/businesses at times fail due to lack of proper marketing. The product may be simply awesome however how you portray its image (online) is the factor on which the sales are dependant yes I am talking about how effectively you have managed your website!

    I would like to help you with some simple yet relevant and effective ways of building a buzz around your website.

    1. To start with, telling a persuasive and gripping story about yourself (your business) is what is required the most. Every things starts for a reason. How did the company start, what are the key lines of business, who is running the business, what’s the vision of the company, what values the company believes in etc. Sounds irrelevant? Believe me, it’s not… The first tab people click on when they open a website is About Us. So you have every reason to think through and then create an influential story.

    2. Who in the world doesn’t want a free gift? Nothing magnetizes people more than some freebies. Offer lucrative incentives like a free ebook, discount coupons or contest or lucky draws and make them available for limited time periods to spread word of mouth.

    3. People are curious to know the latest updates about your business. Websites which are not updated frequently are not taken seriously. Share the achievements of your company on the website, share the latest consumer trends, and show the world that the company is evolving with each passing day.

    4. A lot actually depends on the content of the website as well. Is it noteworthy? Is it eye catching? Or is it written in a very plain, simple, monotonous manner. You better update the content frequently else people will pass you and your website by.

    5. The next important step is focusing on feedback. Consumers are appreciative of the companies who listen to their customers and pay attention to their feedback. Make the feedback forum interesting though! Create polls, ask for their opinions and put questionnaires¦ Ask them what they like about the products, the website, the logo and other stuff. It’s a great way to progress and advance basis the response.

    6. It’s an era of social networking. Nothing would make you more popular than Facebook or Twitter. Make sure that the posts/tweets you put on these platforms are engaging. Post interesting videos and links. Post something which strikes a conversation and catches attention instantaneously. Get people talking!

    7. And last but not the least focus on your marketing efforts. Create an efficient marketing plan and constitute a brand-awareness campaign that fits your business model and goals.
    Getting people talking about your website takes some kind of planning, strategy, and most of all, elements worth talking about. Follow these tips and get your business humming!