• SEO Directory Submission

    A Complete Guide to Directory Submissions and their Relevance in SEO

    Jul 25, 2014


    The process of adding website to web directory is called as Directory submission. In this process, short description is submitted with suitable title. Keywords and title submitted should be rich in keywords. The reason behind applying this strategy is to attain high quality back links for the websites.

    A. What is Directory Submission?

    The process of creating one way links to the website is known as Directory Submission. It not only improves the traffic flow to website but also enhances the search engine rankings. This strategy is mostly used to promote different types of businesses online. It plays a very important role in the development of marketing strategies for online businesses.
    More the links crawled by spiders, more are the chances to improve website search engine rankings. Targeting specific keywords for using directory submissions will garner enhanced rankings and improved traffic figures.

    The Prominent Features of Directory Submissions are as Follows:

    • It is almost free
    • Offers one way links
    • Gives permission for using anchor text of your choice
    • Submissions on high PR directories results in enhanced organic traffic

    B. The Purpose of Using Directory Submissions

    Those who want to make their product and services popular they should opt for the directory submission as this technique is an apt source of online visibility. Directory submission ensures that your collection of quality links get good back links. The online directory is used by web users for gathering links. In the directory the links are listed under the specified category that offers best online results.

    Below Mentioned are the Benefits of Directory Submissions:

    • Backlinks

    For improving the ecommerce website, Back links are the best option. The primary objective of directory submission is to generate link building. By generating back-links in the web-directory submissions helps in improving the results and achieving traffic for a particular website.

    • Search Engine Indexing

    Directory submission helps in providing guaranteed search engine indexing. The search engine assists in locating website by following the Backlinks from other websites. When the link of the website is discovered on directory website, then search engine spider will follow the link on website, thus increasing the visits and indexing in the database of search engines.

    • Regular Visits by Spiders

    Search engine spiders primarily visit the website for collection of information for archives. If the website has more backlinks, then more frequently the spider will visit the website. This will result in higher ranking of the website.

    • Importance of Anchor Text

    The anchor text on the website will be hyperlinked to your website for providing the anchor-back link text from the directories. The directory that will be using the keywords as the anchor-text will boost your link reputation.

    What Should one Search While Doing the Directory Submission Service?

    Submission Timings: Get this thing straight that directory submission can’t be done in a single day unless it is for a very reputed website. If the website has been recently launched, then you should go for slow submission for achieving the results.

    SEO Friendly: The directories in which your site is submitted should be SEO friendly. Sites should not have broken links. Directories would gain more importance if they are old with preferably good rankings.

    Quality vs Quantity: At times it gets very difficult for approving the single list of directories.

    Always check whether your submission service is providing a tracking device. It is very helpful in seeing whether the submitted listings are getting approved or not. Good submission service does not submit thousand of directories because they know the fact that only few are actually getting approved.

    Manual vs Automated: Instead of going for automated submission, you should go for the Manual process. The reason behind this is that in Automated submission, website is submitted to the network of poor directories that will harm its online reputation.

    C. Importance of Directory Submissions in SEO

    Owing to the Directory submissions quirkiness, most people regard it as best form of link-building in SEO services. According to various search engine optimization strategies, directory submission is the quickest and fastest way for reaching new websites as it get noticed easily by search engines.
    Directory submission helps in boosting the search engine rankings and building links. When combined with advertising and article copywriting, it offers amazing results such as improvement in search engine rankings. When link is submitted to the web directories, the search engine immediately indexes that particular link.

    D. The Process of Directory Submissions

    When you submit the website to directories, it gives you multitude of benefits. It helps in increasing the visibility of the website and boosts the incoming links. There is no doubt, there are thousands of free and paid directories online but there are very few that can be relied for the submission.
    Things to consider while submitting website to the directories

    • High page rank
    • Checking the Alexa Rank that shows the traffic directory receives
    • Total number of clicks from Homepage to the category
    • Total number of links for your directory

    E. Top Directories This open directory is owned by the AOL and it is operated by the team of volunteers. This is the largest FREE active Internet directory. Referenced by all the major search engines, it is the definitive directory. However, there is small glitch, there are 3 million websites in the directory and a million more waiting to enter in the pipeline. It will take at least 3-6 months to get into this directory. Always read all the guidelines before the submission to directory and make sure you are submitting to the most relevant directory.

    Yahoo directory: Known as the heaviest priced directory, you should definitely go for it. Those who can get into this directory, they will taste success very soon.

    Look Smart Directory: Though looks like a directory, it provides the Cost per Click service. By opting for it you’ll be paid $.15 per click but aren’t guaranteed a position or the click volume. If you get it right, it will do wonders for your website as it provides result for the third largest search engine on Internet ( Though it is a free directory, it uses the real language searches. For using this directory, it is required to fill up the application before you submit your website to directories. For using this directory submission, the website needs to be informational and non-profit.