• Best Massage Network

    Oct 25, 2011

    The project is directory of massage therapists. The users can search for massage therapists in their area. All of the massage providers within the massage therapists’ directory are licensed or certified.  The website also has article manager, rating/reviewing system, chat module, detailed search, paid- subscription based module, E-commerce online store and blog associated with it. The website utilizes the revolutionary ffmpeg facility to convert all types of audio/video files to web-friendly swf/flv format.

    The users’ membership profile, securely stored in the website database allows the users to:
    – Save time scheduling appointments by not entering any information.
    – Chat online with massage therapy practitioners whose online status is active.
    – Conveniently choose from the wish list of their favorite practitioners.
    – Save money by receiving exclusive discounts and promotions.
    – Easily login to their account and update their preferences anytime.
    – Purchase gift certificates.
    – Earn free massages by referring friends and family.
    – Share their opinion of therapists by submitting ratings and reviews.
    – Enter to win a free massage by being a part of the website’s monthly drawing.