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    Blogging Tip: Add Value to your Content

    Aug 22, 2014

    If you want to add value to your content, you should develop a solid blog content strategy. You might be giving a lot of advice to your readers but it is absolutely essential to check whether your readers are getting real value from your posts. The key is to make your posts useful and beneficial for your readers and here are 5 simple methods to add value to your content

    1) Keep an eye on Formatting 

    Good formatting always makes the reading easy and in order to make it happen, you can use bold text, subheadings, block quotes, numbered points and other similar things. When you include these things in your blog posts, the readers will easily understand what you really want to convey and long posts should always be broken up into small sections. It is good to use sub headings because they allow the readers to go straight to the information that interests them most. Various studies have clearly shown that bloggers should use appropriate line length (between 400 and 600 pixels) and undermining the importance of font and spacing can lead to the loss of readers.
    Another important aspect to make the formatting look good is to use lists and bullet points and, such a method of approach helps the readers understand your message quite clearly. Images always grab the attention of the readers and they also help you structure your content in an efficient manner.

    In a nutshell, it can be said that a good content marketing strategy always gives adequate importance to formatting.

    2) Build Links to Useful Resources 

    It does not matter which subject or topic you are dealing with; links always help you give extra value to readers. If you are creating a guide on how to set up a blog, you can include a link to a post on how to choose a good domain name and such an approach always offers great benefits for the readers. Some links should go to other posts on your blog to reduce your bounce rate and they also improve your SEO efforts. Certain links can be directed towards the blogs of other people and these types of links always help you build good relationship with fellow bloggers. They also demonstrate your expertise by directing the visitors to useful resources in your niche.

    3) Provide Clear Examples 

    Whenever you explain a concept, you need to give readers an example. If you are talking about how to create appealing titles, you should include at least one example of an actual headline. In order to provide examples; you can make use of videos, screen shots, case studies, quotes, photos or anything that helps you convey your message clearly. The bottom line is that you should make your ideas specific and take time to explain them with the help of examples.

     4) Initiate Action by Giving ‘Do It’ Tips 

    You can provide information quite easily but your blog post should motivate readers to take action. Your readers should implement what they have learned from your post and in order to make the readers put what they read into practice, you can make use of ‘Exercise, Your Turn, Do it, Try This’ tips or whatever works for you. You should identify a blogging rhythm that delivers results and when you manage to do so, your social media content marketing strategy will become highly result oriented.

    5) Offer Guidance on What to do Next

    At the end of your post, you should clearly tell your readers where to go next. It can be a suggestion to start acting on what they have read or link to a related post on your blog or join to your mailing list for more help or ask readers to leave any questions for you in the comments. A solid blog content strategy always advocates the importance of incorporating a strong call to action.


    If you want to implement a highly effective content marketing strategy, you have to follow these successful blogging tips and they will definitely help you add value to your content. This strategy can also be employed in your social media content marketing strategy to create a long lasting relationship with the readers. When you keep on posting reader-friendly and inspiring content consistently, your online marketing efforts will become highly profitable and enjoyable as well.