• Body Be Fit – A Simple yet Effective WordPress Website

    Mar 26, 2013

    BodybeFit fulfils the requirements of a simple yet highly effectiveWordpress based website, providing users just enough information in an easy and comprehendible way. Developed by a team of expert WordPress developers, the website gives you a glimpse of the business right from the home page. With live pictures, a vibrant yet professional colour scheme and tabs at the bottom for easy navigation, BodybeFit is the perfect combination of professionalism and creativity.

    The Home Page

    The Home page of BodybeFit has three sections. The upper most banner consists of tabs linking to other pages within the website such as the About Us page, Photo Booth page, Success Stories page, Our Services page and Contact page. The middle banner has picture slides for each service the business provides. These slides have tabs at the bottom to redirect users to the action page. For example, the first slide ‘Be Inspired. Be Vibrant. Be Fit.’ has two call-to-action tabs at the bottom, which are ‘Start Training’ and ‘Talk to a Trainer’. These slides make it easier for visitors to reach their desired page faster, without searching through tens of pages on the website.

    The bottom banner has three boxes. The first box offers testimonials to inspire visitors, the second box consists of an email registration box for a free session and the third box gives visitors Twitter updates of the business.

    The About Us Page

    The About Us page of BodybeFit is an inspirational and motivational one, giving visitors an overview of the trainers at BodybeFit. To make things easier to navigate, this page has been kept as one single page by the wordpress developers behind it.

    The Photo Booth Page

    The Photo Booth is a gallery mainly, giving users a visual of the BodybeFit gym.techvoi, the WordPress development company behind the website has ensured that the gallery is kept simple and easy to navigate, unlike what you find on most website.

    Success Stories, Our Services and Contact Pages

    The Success Stories page has testimonials of customers who have garnered positive results at BodybeFit. This is a simple page with stories to motivate visitors.

    Our Services page has four mini-pages as categories of BodybeFit’s business.

    The Contact page offers job openings by BodybeFit for interested candidates.

    To Sum Up…

    The entire design of the website proves to you how beneficial WordPress Development is for any business. On the right of every page, except for the home page, there is a vertical banner with four tabs; calendar, Twitter, Email Registration and Testimonials.

    Converting PSD to WordPress and HTML to WordPress is not a childs play, and only professional and expert wordpress developers can achieve this feat with great results. Therefore, in order to get the most out of your wordpress design, it is always recommended to hire wordpress developers to get the job done.