• Building a Brand Through Social Networking

    Oct 16, 2011

    Social networking has become quite popular among marketers in this rapidly growing web world where almost every day new applications are being created and applied on the internet.

    Once a new trend becomes popular on the web world, it quickly spreads across the entire online community. Brands are using these social networking sites as an effective platform for marketing through contests, quizzes, events and other applications to drive traffic to their sites and improve their performance.

    Building online brand is very necessary as it will help in increasing your business awareness and also helps to flourish it in the long run. Start developing your brand through blogs, articles, and videos and through outposts such as creating profiles on social networking websites and posts where you post information about your products without involving others.

    Interact with your fans, friends, community members on social networking sites, which is a must to gain recognition and catch their attention. Get ambassadors for your brand who can tell you about the products and services in an authentic manner.

    Engage visitors in conversations and turn them into potential customers. Remember these influencers are your brands assets, as they help to grow your community by inviting others to connect with it.

    Facebook has emerged as the most popular social networking site on the web world. Other social networking sites such as Twitter, Youtube and Orkut are also catching popularity very quickly.

    When a new video is placed on Youtube, it rapidly spreads through recommendations by colleagues and friends. Word of mouth is equally important in conventional marketing and online marketing.  Brands can attract the active participation of their clients through attractive headlines that encourages them to participate in online quizzes, games, sales promotions, contests, events, etc.

    When developing a brand through social networking sites, remember to create your own identity as a brand and earn recognition for your products or services. Try to look for the exclusivity in your products or services that can help you to gain an upper edge over your competitors.

    When you build a brand, it is essential to ensure what your audience or customer wants and assures them that you are responding to their ideas and needs.