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    Canadian Physiotherapy Association , WordPress Development at it Best

    Apr 07, 2013


    Creating a catchy WordPress design for a business that provides medical services is never an easy task due to its typical niche. Our WordPress developers had to keep in mind that the design should look professional and warm and at the same time should be catchy enough to build a positive image of the business. Therefore, we came up with a unique design that gave users a glimpse of the entire business right at the Home page, keeping the website away from being a boring medical design.


    The overall theme of the website was kept to blue and white to give it that much needed professional and clinical touch. Images of the business can be found on several images.

    Home Page

    The Home page is unique in every sense. Unlike standard WordPress Home pages, this one has an image in the background with tabs and boxes over it. On the top, there are tabs leading to other pages of the website. Below these tabs, is a slideshow of snippets from informative pages within the website. At the very bottom, users can find four boxes leading to FAQs, Membership plans and other resources of the business.

    Other Pages:

    About CPA: A page giving out information regarding the business structure and motto.

    About Physiotherapy: A page with several sub-pages giving out information regarding physiotherapy, such as its benefits and what visitors can expect.

    Membership: As the name implies, this page gives out information regarding the company’s membership plan.

    Advocacy: A page giving out information regarding accessing physiotherapists for Canadians.

    Practice Resources: As the name implies, the page gives out information regarding practice resources of physiotherapy in Canada.

    News: A special section by our WordPress developers for news related to physiotherapy in Canada, to keep users up to date.

    Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s website was developed keeping in mind the unique needs of the business. Our WordPress developers decided to give the website a very easy to navigate layout along with being catchy.

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