• Convert Outdated HTML Website to WordPress Website for Maximum Benefits

    Jan 10, 2013

    In the early years of the last decade, many website developers used the standard HTML framework that has been tried and tested thoroughly to build websites and online e-commerce stores. The HTML framework resulted in thousands of great websites that showcased the products, ideas, brands, and services of the clients of the web developers.

    In those times, HTML was sufficient to meet the objectives of website owners but many of those objectives have changed in the past few years. The entire web design industry has witnessed a revolution in five years. Web developers adapted to the changed objectives and expectations by using PHP framework for website creation.

    Recently, the WordPress platform with its PHP base has helped web developers to create even blog sites that had the same appeal as complex commercial websites. The major reasons for web developers to lean towards WordPress are as follows.

    • WordPress is one of the most successful Content Management System (CMS) frameworks and it is easily accessible from computers and various other hand-held communications devices through the Internet.
    • The ability of WordPress to create theme-based website or blog site layout helps in easy transition from design concept to the actual creation of the site.
    • The more than 20,000 plugins of WordPress and other add-ons make any site highly powerful and stand out among the millions of websites on the World Wide Web.
    • The built-in autosave features of WordPress ensures that the site owners do not lost any content and also do roll-back of contents whenever needed.
    • Dynamic features of WordPress such as built-in RSS, easy integration in social networking websites, and comments posting make it even more attractive.

    However, the biggest feature that makes WordPress a unique platform is the ease it offers in constructing SEO-friendly sites. Search engines like Google simply love WordPress due to the timely posts and latest news that get incorporated in the site when users generate them. When your website has regular posts and updated pages with search engine friendly URLs, search engines keep returning to your site and indexing them continuously. This happens even on a daily basis with WordPress sits, compared to the weekly or monthly indexing that was occurring on HTML websites.

    Another major advantage of WordPress is the blog that is part of your website. Blogs are ideal processes to draw traffic to your site and its different landing posts. Visitors begin to explore your site when they know that there is constant updating of contents. The response to WordPress sites that website designers and developers have received in the past one year has been excellent, encouraging them to shift from HTML to WordPress. Website owners also appreciate the benefits of the WordPress framework that allows them to keep their site contents current and also keep abreast with the latest in web trends.