• WordPress E-Commerce

    Oct 18, 2011

    WordPress is amongst the most accepted and widely used content management systems, which is used to create both personal as well as professional website. If you wish to create your own ecommerce site, then you don’t need to go beyond WordPress.

    There are quite many e-commerce plugins that help you meet your objectives to have an ecommerce website with WordPress. The most common amongst those are are as under:

    WP E-commerce: This is the most commonly used e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It offers multiple options for setting up a store with WordPress.

    E-Shop: It can handle loadable products and supports several payment options like PayPal, Webtopay and e-Processing Network etc.

    Quick Shop: This free plug-in allows users to add widgets to make an easy shopping cart. It also gives you the option of placing tags in the post for adding products to the cart.

    Shopp: This plug-in includes several features like flexible shipping and multiple pay options. It provides you entire control, which means you can easily modify the design with WordPress PHP tags.

    YAK for WordPress: This free plug-in creates a simple ecommerce cart where products are linked with posts. It is an open WordPress plug-in for Ecommerce, which utilizes distinct categories to handle dissimilar type of products.

    The key benefits of WordPress website are:

    • It is easy to set and install
    • It is easy to customize as per your own needs.
    • The configuration only takes a day or few hours.
    • It is easy to assimilate with payment gateways
    • WordPress ecommerce sites are cheap.
    • There are several free themes available
    • It enables interaction through comments
    • It can create search- engine friendly pages
    • All ecommerce plugins are accessible to sell products