• Eniyi 10 Hosting , A WordPress Review Website

    Apr 23, 2013

    Review websites need to be engaging so that they can influence their visitors. Thanks to the WordPress developers at, Eniyi 10 Hosting got a sleek, professional and a catchy design that would leave any visitor impressed. Since the nature of the business demanded the website to be creative and user-friendly, our WordPress developers came up with a theme of charcoal and green, to make sure the design stands out.


    The website has Turkish language with a unique green and charcoal theme. It was not easy for our WordPress developers to come up with such a design and it took a lot of brainstorming to ensure the design is a never-seen-before one. But, we successfully launched the website giving the business the boom it deserved. It is a three-page website with more or less everything on the Home page.

    Home Page

    The Home page was decided to be in a way that it would offer visitors a summary of hosting reviews right in front. The page starts with a broad banner right on top with charcoal background and white and green fonts. It’s a catchy theme that has already influenced thousands of visitors worldwide.

    Below the banner, there is a list of ten best hosting companies, as reviewed by Eniyi. Below this list, there is information regarding the website and how they evaluate hosting companies. On the right, there are columns and hosting packages for visitors.

    Other Pages

    There are just two more pages to the website.

    Special Packages: The page offers special packages from different hosting companies.

    Most Recent Comments: A short page that has comments from users.

    The website is a small one but highly effective. Our WordPress developers made sure to incorporate all the necessary elements to give the website the feel it required.

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