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    Everyday Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals

    Apr 10, 2015


    In a world where becoming a Jack of all trades has become a necessity, in a place where meeting the deadlines appears to be a doomsday, health and fitness is often sidelined by busy working professionals. As goes the famous adage, ‘Health is wealth’, it is an obligation to take care of your health and pay gratitude to God for this noble gift. No matter whether you are a CEO or business tycoon or round the clock working professional, unless you abide by some fitness rules, your position would be like a vehicle running inefficiently due to lack of maintenance.

    Busy schedules, untimely intake of food and missing a balanced diet are some of the regular mistakes committed by busy professionals these days. The hectic schedule often leads to obesity and also opens its arms to welcome numerous life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, malnutrition, anemia, tuberculosis, to name a few.

    It is extremely important to take care of your body as it is the only place where you actually live in. You really need to earn your body. It is rightly said that happiness and health are the two sides of the same coin. In fact, your happiness serves as a reflection of your health. It has been scientifically proven that the cells of our body react to everything our mind visualizes. Negativity spoils our immune system and Positivity comes with good health. As rightly said by Buddha, ‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth’, so in order to experience the peace of mind, you need to stay fit.

    So what could be the possible steps in the process of staying fit? What could be the minute details which should be taken care of while doing regular exercises? What is the optimum schedule for the day? How important it is to work out under a professional trainer? What can be the steps taken to ameliorate our health in case we don’t hire a physical trainer? Let’s discuss some guidelines:


    1) Hit the Gym: If your office provides the service of gym, make sure to grab this opportunity. In case your office does not sport a gym, then utilize the gym nearest to your office. Make it a point to pay a regular visit there taking training under a professional trainer.


    join a gym


    2) Make Use of Small Breaks: If you can efficiently use the small breaks you get within the office hours, you can make the most of it and add to your health. A 10 minutes workout every hour can bring radical change in your health. You can try some squats or lunges and simultaneously attend a phone call. You can also do few push-ups while your call is on hold or your video is buffering.


    3) Use Stairs instead of Elevators: There is a witty saying that a man’s fitness can be tested by seeing what out of the two he chooses at a time- Pills or stairs. Taking stairs instead of elevators each time you enter or exit any building can prove to be a great leg workout and is also considered as a good cardio exercise.


    climb stairs


    4) Welcome your Day with Workout: You never know what urgent work you can come across with as the day proceeds, which may result in skipping your routine exercise. So it is better to complete your regular workout session as soon as you wake up in the day. This step would add freshness to your entire schedule of day. Speaking on biological terms, this step would be helpful in producing endorphins which are popularly called “feel good” hormones, thereby making you lively for the entire hectic day.


    5) The Era of Multitasking: Being a professional, you must be very well aware of the benefits of multitasking. So utilize the Mantra of multitasking not only in your office desk but on your treadmill too. Set the speed of your treadmill to brisk walk, and walk on it holding a three to five pound dumbbell in each hand. The weights could be further increased once you get used to it. You can also try triceps extensions, biceps curls, shoulder presses, front laterals, side laterals while completing your brisk walk.


    6) Try Out Homely Tricks: Sometimes for immediate cure, instead of taking pills, applying some homely tricks could also prove worth a shot. For example, in case of enormous pain, placing slices of peeled ginger on aching tooth would act as a fruitful pain-relieving step. There are numerous homely tricks which won’t take much time of your hectic schedule but can prove to be a boon.


    7) Have a Check on Your Emotions: Do you know the stress you take while completing the deadline, the anger you fill your mind with while tolerating the tantrums of your boss have direct effect on your organs. Anger weakens the lungs, stress weakens the heart and brain, fear weakens the kidney and worry weakens your stomach. So the next time you undergo any of the above mentioned emotions, do note the possible harm you are doing to your body.


    8) Bare-Foot Walk: if your office is nearby, prefer a bare-foot walk over the grass of the park which comes in the way to get a free acupressure session and to strengthen your feet and ankles. This step can also act as anti-depressant and would help in reducing stress and anxiety.


    walk barefoot


    9) Be Optimistic and Strictly Follow Your Routine: You need to emerge stronger than your excuses. The first step is always difficult but it makes you stronger than never before. Today is the day, take chance, revise your schedule and just do it. Set up as many reminders as possible which enlists your daily fitness schedule.

    The very first four letters of the word health- ‘heal’ itself speaks volumes of benefits of taking care of yourself. The time which we spend to gain wealth at the cost of our health, sooner or later we need to spend our wealth to regain our lost health. As goes the famous saying, ‘health is not valued until sickness comes’, don’t wait for the illness to catch you. Instead, follow fitness tips and become a healthy and wealthy working professional.