• Facebook Fan Pages

    Nov 05, 2011

    Facebook has become a popular social networking function that connects people and influences them by networks. With Facebook, one can link with a wide range of networks to meet several people who are alike.

    Having a Facebook fan page is one of the definite ways to drive traffic and earn more response. In Facebook where facade is everything, well-designed pages and layout earn more interest and credibility.

    The idea of making use of Facebook to increase business is growing by the day. These social networking platforms attract a huge deal of interest and these channels are an outstanding place for entrepreneurs to create interest and traffic.

    Businesses that utilize Facebook fan pages to promote their company to prospective clients can easily enhance their product sales.

    If you can create a profile simply with your company’s name, you are not capitalizing on the publicity. Making a fan page will provide the boost that your company might be seeking. Once you have a fan page, you can think of increasing the list of fans by making use of Facebook Ads. Some of the customers have added targeted followers to implement the strategic advertising and marketing techniques.

    Here are some basic features that must be kept in mind when you create a facebook Fan page:

    Images- The visuals of Facebook page must present a definite idea of what the page is all about. Customizing the elements should start with your photo. You can put your business logo and stick to the pleasant colors.

    SEO- Facebook fan-pages should be optimized and customized with keywords that attract search engines. If you are not very sure of keywords, you can check similar pages by target market to have an idea of their top words.

    Adding Links- another great way to improve rankings is to add useful and premium links on your Facebook fan page. Make sure you provide back links to official website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other properties.

    Landing Page- Creating a landing page is one of the most effectual approaches for custom Facebook fan page. With a landing page, one can address non-fans with a detailed call to action that can encourage the visitors to like your page. By liking the page, they should also get something interesting and valuable in return like a special discount, a free report etc.

    So, to summarize, you must always remember to create a page with custom landing tab that allows you to engage with audience and your community.

    Keeping the above mentioned aspects in your fan page would help you to be successful in promoting business. Facebook is a primary social networking platform that is extremely effective for establishing global business.