• Facts about Magento Customization

    Jul 01, 2013

    Do you want total control over your ecommerce store? Some people are of the opinion that it is an impossible task and according to them, operating an ecommerce store presents a lot of challenges. A lot of people have changed their opinion with the introduction of the open source e-commerce web application known as Magento and the various features of this platform will help you control your online store with utmost efficiency. Its multi-store retailing functionality will take your online presence into a different level and it can be described as an extremely flexible option as well. This open source technology offers the range to upgrade and customize and, integrating a third party software in it can be done quite easily. Take a look at some important facts about Magento customization:

    The process of customizing Magento can be divided into two categories and they include customization of your ecommerce design and feature customization. Customization design is all about changing your ecommerce store theme. You can change the color theme quite easily and customizing the design can be done by adjusting certain block of the page from one place to another. Feature customization can be described as the process of adding new feature or customizing the current feature. In other words; you are adding a new activity or modifying the existing one.

    Magento ecommerce customization offers robust back-end, strong frontend and integration functionality to meet the varying requirements of different sites. The process of customizing the design is pretty easy and it can be done by playing with some design phtml and xml layout file. At the same time; feature customization needs to be done by following the Magento guideline. Magento feature customization can be done in two ways and they include using event observer and by creating module as well.

    When you hire an accomplished web developer, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of customization services and they include Magento ecommerce design & development, theme design and integration, online store development, developing themes based on the current design, marketing promotion, CMS pages, shipping methods, SEO for online store using Magento, Magento skinning, custom landing page design, store management and training, buttons, widgets and special effects, backend training, payment gateway integration, shipping methods and so on.

    Top developers will make use of different custom application development versioning environment for storing revisions and they always commit of all development changes during process of developing a store. Versioning of programming code will lead to the creation of structured, verified and validated code and deploying the application from development to staging and on production servers will become uncomplicated process as well.

    Experienced developers conduct testing of developed application using automated as well as manual methods and such a method of approach will always ensure that the application runs in a smooth manner. You can always expect outstanding results and best professionals will make your online store completely bug free. The bottom line is that when you hire a reliable Magento customization developer, your online store will run in optimized and speedy manner as well.