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    Fonduvita , An Innovative yet Functional WordPress Website

    Apr 05, 2013


    Think about innovative WordPress Development is and Fonduvita comes right to the mind. When it comes to keeping up with the product’s nature, it becomes imperative to ensure all elements fall in the same category; from design and functionality. This is the reason why Fonduvita was given a design that is parallel to none. Since Fonduvita is a health supplement, the design had to be lively and exciting, to make sure the product outshines its competitors. With green leaves on the top corners to the aquatic theme followed throughout the pages, Fonduvita’s online presence is just a marvel in its own.

    Not to mention with a powerful framework in the form of WordPress backing it up, the owners don’t have to look around to update the website. They hired a quality WordPress Development Company ( to design and develop the website and a reaping the rewards of making the right choice now.

    The Home Page

    Visitors land directly on the Home Page where they get a sneak peek of the product through a huge image right in the centre with description on the right. The overall theme is kept aquatic and bright coloured right green leaves on the top add contrast to the visual. Since it is a chocolate vitamin supplement, the name ‘Fonduvita’is presented in chocolate brown and aquatic shades.

    There are four tabs on the Home Page directing to other pages in the website.

    Other Pages

    Following are the four pages presented on the website:

    Our Products: A tab that directs visitors to the different products being offered by brand. Each product has its own page with a table of nutrition facts right beside the images.

    Contact Us: A simple yet catchy page offering visitors a web form for any inquiries they might have.

    Our Story: This page is neat and warm, and tells the story of the brand and how the product came into being.

    Where to Buy: A page giving visitors information regarding the outlets and online stores for Fonduvita.

    Fonduvita is a unique product offering numerous health benefits. Therefore, the product needed a website that could accentuate its benefits not only in words but also in visuals. The developed design proved to be a wonder, since it gave the product a boost and the website the much needed visual appeal it deserved.

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