• Golden Rules for Social Media Optimization

    Oct 21, 2011

    With constantly evolving world of Internet, the rules and methodologies are always changing. Social media optimization has grown into an effective tool for online marketing and offers some great tips to promote your business.

    Social Media Optimization offers a set of methods to generate publicity through online communities, social media and community websites. It is in several ways associated as a plan to market through photo sharing websites, networking in social bookmarking instead of having word of mouth through family or friends. It is also an integral part of an online management or search engine management for individuals or firms that care about setting up their web presence.

    Today’s social networking is all about sharing. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare have altered the shape of online marketing. When you start to integrate social networking into your marketing strategy, follow these simple rules to ensure success.

    Fresh Content

    Original content is likely to increase more clients and also increase the rankings of your site. Websites should be updated constantly to make members interested over social media. Add blogs, videos and involve people in relevant ideas.

    Better content will fetch in more readers and would also bring in more followers to your site.

    Content Sharing

    Bookmarking and Tagging are two effective ways that allow the users to share content with others. Links can be added to videos, has tags can be created and tweets can be sent out. Don’t limit the ways of sharing content with people as it would not make good business sense. To encourage people, it has to be easy and simple.

    Reward Links

    In recent years, inbound links are focused as an important way to measure the performance of content. The success of content is measured by how it involves clients and the amount of conversation. Engagement can be anything from posts to comments and discussions.

    When this happens, you must reward it to have an interactive relation with your visitors.

    Increase P2P Interaction

    Allow people to build your content, whether it’s in written document or an audio file or a video file. Just maintain some control over it so that your company’s name doesn’t get mislaid in the future evolvement.

    With SMO working, P2P interaction should be your central idea to ensure success in web 2.0

    There are many ways to optimize your online business marketing. Create new, unique and convincing content in all types of media that popular social media websites can support. The idea is to make people interested enough to discuss or mash up the content with their own.