• Google Comes up with Domain Registration Services

    Jun 27, 2014

    When it comes to search engines and internet marketing, Google is a colossal giant. Nobody can survive the fierce competition in online marketing without seeking the help of Google and the company offers a wide range of services like online mapping, social networking and other key services that guarantee long lasting results. Still, one thing was missing when people looked at the services at offer and it was domain registration services. Now, Google has announced that it is going to launch its domain registration services known as Google Domains and with this move; Google is going to compete directly with the companies once they partnered with.

    In these days, when people want to buy a domain name, they often go to GoDaddy or NameCheap or a few others as well. GoDaddy is undoubtedly is a major player in this field with a whopping 57 million domains registered to its service but the recent performance of this company has been pretty disappointing. In the past, whenever people looked to Google to purchase a domain, they got the message that ‘Google itself does not register or host domain names and it has always recommended a few partners like GoDaddy. It is not going to happen any longer.

    According to Google, the new service will allow users to buy new domain names and it also helps people transfer existing ones. Although the company has not revealed any clear cut information, reliable sources say that people can expect some perks that the existing service providers do not offer like free private registration and such an approach will always keep the site owner’s personal information hidden from the public.

    The company has not yet quoted price authentically but a window on the Google Domains site gives the indication that registering a domain will invite a cost of $12 a year. Nobody knows when the domains will be available to the public but the company has started encouraging potential customers to request invite codes to test the service. According to Google, the beta-testing process will explore the best ways to streamline domains for users and it will also make the company familiar with the most effective ways to improve customer service.

    The company also plans to offer branded email accounts using the domain and they can be redirected to a current Gmail account as well. At present, the primary aim of this venture is to catch the attention of small business owners and the company may target individuals once the service becomes more established.

    Google Domains will connect with a wide range of web design services like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Shopify to help people build their page and the users can enjoy these services with same cost as well. Google will also be extending support for new domain endings like .photography and .guru and, websites will be able to make use of Google’s own DNS servers to ensure speedy and reliable access.

    According to Google officials, the company is conducting the testing process to ensure that it offers the most suitable additional services including hosting services, domain management support and mobile website creation tools as well. The offer definitely seems promising and the track record of Google adds great amount of credibility to all these promises.