• How Technology Can Help Delhi Slide Through Traffic

    Mar 21, 2016


    It is not hard to believe that the average citizen of Delhi at some point in their lives has regretted taking a route which their gut knew would be congested at a particular hour. Daily commutes are becoming longer, grueling and soul crushing by the day. What the odd-even rule in the city aimed to achieve has become quite clear now, but the city requires even more such rules in place.

    Delhi welcomes so many people every single day (as a part of the workforce) from not only different parts of the country, but also the world. And most of them bring along their own mode of conveyance. Considering the mind boggling increase in well, literally everything, its only technology that will eventually prove to be Delhi’s savior.




    Where does the problem lie?


    a. The substantial and constant increase in the number of vehicles. On an average, every family owns about two cars. And both those cars are on the road almost every day. This applies to more than half of the population of the city. More than one lakh vehicles commute to and fro the city’s most important corridors.

    b. On the intersections, the average wait time is 120 to 180 seconds which directly leads to long queues. The situation becomes worse during the peak hours. The traffic is not uniform, in the sense that it consists of cars, trucks, two wheelers, three wheelers, animal driven carts etc. In this way, it becomes a major traffic management issue.

    c. The construction of metro is being completed in phases which leads to bottlenecks and is adding to the growing traffic problem.


    As somebody living in this city, you’ve quite frequently experienced what has been listed above. But, have ever you given a serious thought to the fact that maybe enough was enough already? Maybe, your purpose on earth was beyond the struggle to reach work on time every day. What if, you were told that the one thing you’re surrounded by all the time was your solution to all problems (and most of your


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    Here are a few practical solutions that will do you some good and even the city as a whole:-


    1.  Does your workplace offer work from home solutions? If yes, please avail this golden opportunity (if you haven’t done this before, you might not be human) Working in your pajamas all day without having to move an inch is basically living the dream, isn’t it? Imagine the amount of fuel, time and energy you’d be saving out on!

    2. Make frequent and rigorous usage of services like Ola, TaxiForSure, Uber. Since the vehicles associated with them are already on the road, why not spare yourself some peace of mind every once in a while. Not only does it reduce vehicular pressure, it even ensures high occupant vehicle usage.

    3. Mobile apps like Traffline provide you with real time road, traffic and car parking information, which you can obtain in a matter of nanoseconds. It’ll save you a ton of calculations that you do before heading out every day; you can easily plan your commute with the app. To further add to your convenience, it even gives you notifications regarding accidents, traffic jams etc.


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    If you ever began to calculate the time you might have lost while traveling to your place of work and back home, it would probably cost you a month’s salary to do so. Probably, even more than that (for the sake of your sanity, rather not do it).

    In this regard, even the Delhi traffic police has stepped up to provide people with certain assistance when it comes to choosing the right route to travel. It is going to provide the commuters with live video of traffic situations at various important junctions in the city.

    The pilot project will begin with five main junctions and the police will place cameras and officers as scouts on 200 arterial roads. A commuter can then click on any point on the city’s map to get a live video feed of the traffic situation at that point. The traffic personnel present at those junctions will keep on giving updates to the control room. The installation of high quality cameras will ensure that even number plates of vehicles can be read easily and also to observe which vehicles take which routes normally, at a given period of time. The police also plan to launch a mobile app for it.

    When this app rolls out, its going to prove to be an angel in disguise for you, the daily commuter. Since the administration has taken such a positive and massive step, the perfect commute would now become a reality.