• How techvoi Contributes to a Greener Planet

    Jun 24, 2011

    With the adverse climatic conditions and lifecycle turmoil owing to Global Warming, it has become an essential responsibility of every individual and organization to contribute their bit towards a greener planet.

    Accurate measures need to be implemented by each individual to cut down on the risks caused to all living beings on the planet. It is a unanimous social liability to save our habitat and improve environment sustainability for our own self.

    At techvoi, we are making consistent efforts to conserve energy in the best possible manner. The Go Green initiative taken today would make a magnitude of difference for coming generations.

    We feel proud to be proactive in keeping our work and companies green.

    Being a corporate IT company, we realize our social responsibility and take germane steps towards the same.

    Saving Electricity

    • The office space is conceptualized in a way that it allows natural light for almost 2/3rd of the day. Thus, we conserve almost 75% energy on electricity everyday.
    • We use energy saver lights and ensure that all the lights, computers and other electrical devices when not in use. This not only boosts the energy saving, but also maximizes the efficiency of devices.
    • Air Conditioners are used economically and only ‘when required’. The office possesses the best quality AC with updated technology that curbs pollution and helps in saving energy.
    • Most of our computers make use of TFTs instead of CRT monitors, which saves on the extra electricity consumed by CRT monitors.
    • We prefer using Laptops over PCs to conserve extra energy consumed by computers.

    Saving Water

    • Every member is given a water bottle instead of glasses, which avoids the need of washing the glasses at frequent intervals daily. This way we make a little contribution to conserve water.
    • Tea/Coffee is served in biodegradable disposable plastic cups, which again saves water that would be otherwise required to wash plastic/glass cups.
    • We ensure proper disposal of these biodegradable materials that causes no harm to our environment.

    Saving Air

    • To refrain from Noise and Air pollution, UPSs are used for power backup instead of power generators.
    • The cleaners used in the office are non-hazardous and prevent the spreading of air and water pollution.
    • Paper is another source that is handled quite carefully. We take extra care in printing the papers and try to use both sides of papers wherever possible.
    • The print outs are taken only when required and the paper used is generally chlorine-free and recyclable in nature.

    With these small initiatives, techvoi is contributing their bit towards a Greener Planet. We intend to carry out more such environmental friendly methods in future to make a lager contribution towards Our Mother Nature.