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    How to Bring in the Much Needed Human Element to your Ecommerce Website

    Jul 22, 2014

    Ecommerce websites without the human element always fall short in attracting visitors. Building trust is the key to catch the attention of the people and you cannot build trust without bringing the human element to your website. You can employ different tactics to build trust and they include customer reviews, visible contact information, security call-outs and so on. But prime priority should be given to the human element and you should identify the most effective methods to give your site the much needed human element.

    Loud statements and pompous messages are no longer going to create a positive impression in the minds of the people. On the other hand; you should connect with people on a personal level and it should move people to take action without any delay. Many ecommerce website design that you come across are nothing more than electronic catalogues and they lack the most essential human element that convinces visitors to change their mind. That is exactly why these stores are falling short as far as customer experience is concerned. Quite naturally, people will go to other websites that offer a more personalized experience.

    What are the most effective ways to bring personal element to your ecommerce website:

    1) You need to include your own photo to make a personal connection with people and it is always advisable to add a video or audio introduction as well. People always start responding to seeing other people who they can connect with.

    2) If you can find a way to weave your story into your website, you will be able to show people your passion for the business and it definitely brings in the human element to your ecommerce website.

    3) Another method that can be employed is to include photos of your existing customers and you can also show the videos of the testimonials of the current customers. You should be careful not to use any generic stock photos and they should be attractive, clear and updated as well.

    4) Create characters of the animals and human beings, you can weave them into your website in an attractive fashion and clever characters will always make your site really unique and compelling as well. It is always advisable to create an image that motivates visitors to come back to your site again and again.

    Top quality ecommerce website designers always focus on building loyal followers for a longer duration and in order to achieve it, a great first impression in an inevitable aspect. If you want to build a loyal following of customers, you have to greet the visitors in a friendly and cordial fashion when they visit your website first time. It is always advisable to meet them with a warm, personal greeting and it definitely brings the much needed human element to your ecommerce site. You cannot fully describe the rectangular browser window as an inherently personal place but you can give more life to it by applying a bit of creativity. Such an approach will create a good impression and personal touch to your site and, the visitors will feel excited about doing business with you.