• How to Choose a Magento Developer?

    May 16, 2013

    Magento can be described as a wonderful ecommerce platform that can be used to build highly dynamic online stores. Selecting the best developer for your e-commerce store plays a very vital role in making your business successful and top service providers always offer highly effective solutions that go in complete harmony with the unique requirements of your business.

    First of all, you should decide whether you need a freelance developer or a Magento development company. Freelance professionals offer flexible terms and they may excel in certain areas of Magento development. On the other hand; a reliable development company will always offer top quality services and highly competent professionals will help you develop a highly dynamic online store. They will be extremely proficient in all areas of Magento development and all your doubts and apprehensions will also be clarified with great conviction. A good team of talented professionals will carry out tasks with utmost speed, accuracy and accountability as well.

    You need to assess the expertise of the developer in the platform and different profiles should be analyzed in a detailed manner to have better understanding about their work. Top professionals will have clear cut awareness about different Magento extensions and they will design a customized website in place of a template-based one. You should conduct personal discussions with the developer to know whether they possess technical skills to develop custom modules and it is always advisable to ask questions about other aspects like maintenance services, upgradation services, design integration, payment gateway integration and so on.

    A renowned Magento developer will not undermine the importance of search engine optimization while performing the implementation of Magento and you should ask the company whether they offer SEO services. You should select a professional who possesses deeper understanding about the working of SEO and it can be said without any doubt that a competent company will always focus on creating a fully search engine optimized ecommerce website.

    The importance of the project plan should never be underestimated and you should conduct an elaborated discussion with the developer to explain your business objectives. A responsible developer will prepare a project plan for your understanding and you should give a clear cut idea about your timeline as well. You need to make sure that the company is competent to finish your project within the allotted time frame.

    Magento development cannot be confined as a one-time effort and you should select a company that offers support services with utmost responsibility. Top professionals will also upgrade your website based on the latest technological developments and you should ask questions to make sure that you get all these services in a continuous basis. It is always advisable to select a developer who is reliable and trustworthy because your business growth primarily depends on the website created by your developer and a dedicated professional will perform the entire task in a cost effective manner as well. All these aspects clearly point out the importance of selecting the most suitable Magento developer who possesses proper experience and adequate skills.