• Innovative WordPress Design for Innovative Mobile Application Developers!

    May 08, 2013

    What good would be a WordPress website when it can’t live up to the standards of the business? This is what we thought of as soon as Zeb Studios approached us for their website. The only thing our WordPress developers at thought of was creativity, to keep the website in line with the company’s nature. We developed a design that had creativity flowing from edge of it.


    The entire has white background with colourful icons over it. It is a small website of four pages but has enough to inspire visitors to convert into customers.

    Home Page

    The Home page is truly a marvel. It has four tabs on top with a slideshow below it. This slideshow is creatively designed with logos and icons of the services provided by the business. Below this slideshow, there are three columns. The right most column gives contact information of the company while the two on the left brief visitors regarding the business offerings.


    Apps: A short giving an overview of the apps the company can provide.

    Nosotros: A page giving n overview of the services provided by the company.

    Contact: Gives contact information of the company.

    Blog: Takes you to the official blog of the company.

    Overall, this is a short website but is creative enough to captivate visitor’s minds with ease. There can’t be a better website for a business that is dealing in creativity.

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