• Is Magento Really Useful as an Ecommerce Platform?

    Jan 17, 2013

    Many people feel that Magento is a highly complicated platform. In fact, compared to other e-commerce platforms, Magento is supporting only 200,000 customers worldwide. Still eBay has decided to acquire Magento. The purpose of the world’s largest auction system, eBay purchasing an e-commerce platform is somewhat inexplicable, unless eBay wants to create and market its own engine under the Magento trademark.

    Over Design of Magento

    Magento ecommerce platform is based on two frameworks, Mage and Zend. Mage is the core of Magento and many developers find it difficult to handle. Very big ecommerce websites would have 10,000 or more visitors per minute and developers should use large clusters to make the website run smoothly. Access to items like product inventory becomes slow and complex.

    Magento Support

    If ecommerce websites or developers have not utilized the support offered by Magento, it would be nearly impossible to make changes in core files, since the lack of support would not allow core functionality changes easily. It is also not simple to override all types of classes through the special functionality that Magento offers for such instances. Who could maintain codes of more than 15,000, 20,000 files? Hence, without Magento support, developers really suffer in creating real-time functionalities.

    Enterprise Management System

    Enterprise management system is quite nice to hear but finding modules built for special models of e-commerce enterprise is not a simple process, since many modules do not function properly.

    The only solution to make Magento work without any hitch is for developers extend their enterprise models with simplified MySQL queries by utilizing the Zend adapter of Magento. They should also use cache to create larger databases that add more products to carts within a few seconds. Magento is ideal for small and medium online stores that have around 4,000 to 5,000 users at the maximum but it is not that easily suitable for medium and large online ecommerce stores. Still, Magento is one of the open source ecommerce platforms available with several extensions that could make the ecommerce store stand out in the crowd and bring much vital functionality to the online business.