• JobCred

    Apr 10, 2012


    About the website:

    JobCred, owned and operated by , Ireland based, Validu Limited is a website for an innovative online CV builder and job search portal -JobCred. It is an extensive bilingual, user-friendly gateway wherein users can download CV formats or create it from scratch with the help of professional CV builders.


    Client Requirements:

    JobCred is a great place to start for those who have always found it difficult to create a sensational CV which would help them land great jobs. Here professionals can download their professional CVs or create it from scratch with the help of professional CV builders.
    The client wanted to provide a secure platform to the working professionals thereby protecting the privacy of professionals seeking jobs, and enhancing their credibility with their career development tools. Users can get their CV validated from colleagues and peers in order to increase their rank to get shortlisted by the recruiters and employers.

    Detailed Features:

    1. The website is divided into two sections:

    a) Job Seekers
    b) Recruiters/Employers

    2. Registration is mandatory for both the sections. And it’s totally free.

    3. Job Seekers

    Management of Profile: Seekers can manage their profile, edit, update or make changes. While creating profile, the user can see each and every field of the profile page on right hand side along with the description and suitable example which comes handy for the users. This makes the site all the more user friendly.
    CV Center: Professionals get the flexibility to create and manage multiple CVs on internet. They can also choose from a range of professionally designed CV templates available on the website to revamp their own CV. They can edit their CVs here or add and delete them whenever required.
    Peer Reviews: Professionals can ask colleagues and friends to give them recommendations and peer reviews in order to add credibility to their profiles and their CVs. This validates the user’s ranking. Higher the ranking, higher will be the chance to get shortlisted by recruiter.
    Privacy: For increased privacy, JobCred allows professionals to set privacy settings on their CVs. They can choose to make the CV or parts of it visible only to a few people.
    Showcase Right Skills: A lot of professionals are not able to secure good jobs just because they do not know how to showcase their skills. With a professionally worded CV, it becomes easier to catch the attention of employers.
    Make Direct Connections: JobCred allows the professionals to get in touch with recruiters directly without any interference from agents and job consultants.
    Different CV Settings: Seekers can choose to create their CV in document form or in PDF form. They can also select the desired language in which they want to create and view their CV. The users can upload profile and CV directly from their LinkedIn account.
    Search Features: Seekers can search the blogs for specific topics they want to read on. They can also search the help section using this feature.
    Career Toolbox: This is a specialized area where seekers can find career advice and advice from other job seekers.


    Profile Area: Recruiters have a double profile option. One is their personal profile and the other is their professional profile. They also get access to their subscription information in their profile page.
    CV Search: Recruiters can perform advanced searches and filter the results to shortlist appropriate CVs. By short listing CVs through the ranking of the job seekers the recruiters can save their time and money. Additionally, they have the option to save searched profiles which can then be accessed any time they require.
    Easy Candidate Access: Recruiters can contact candidates and invite them to get in touch. They have a candidate access area where they can access the number of invitations sent and the number of invitations declined. They can also view a candidate’s lifecycle and communications they may have had with them.
    Access Account History: Recruiters can manage their accounts and view their purchase, order and credit history.

    5. Demos and Tutorials: Both recruiters and seekers can access the demos and tutorials which help them understand and operate the website better.

    6. Access Customer Service: Both recruiters and seekers can contact the customer service and access help if they find themselves unable to handle a particular situation.

    7. Feedback: Recruiters as well as seekers can leave feedback for the website administrators in this area.

    Industry: Online Job Portal

    Website Features:

    • Bilingual (English and Dutch)
    • Login/Register
    • Integrated API to LinkedIn
    • Social Sharing
    • Email Support


    • Core PHP
    • LAMP platform
    • HTML
    • MySQL
    • Smarty
    • Ajax

    Solutions Provided:

    Website design & development, User Management, Email Template Management