• Key Tips for Easy Mobile Website Development

    Jun 17, 2014

    If the recent report by the International Telecoms Union is anything to go by, in approximately nine months, mobile subscriptions will surpass the human population. The Smartphone Revolution, like it is known, is here with us and has impacted on mobile web design in a big way. For website developers, this means that they have to be good at mobile web design if they want to be in business in the near future. Here are several tips which web developers need to keep in mind in order to achieve exactly this:

    1. Technology is Moving, so Should you

    For a web developer who is keen on future-proofing their design business, moving with technology is the best way forward. Just by looking at the mobile devices that have entered the market in the recent year, it is justified to say that technology is fast-moving. One concept which you can embrace is responsive design. While most mobile phone users use Smartphones, it may be wise to research about your target audience before you include that in your plan. This way, you can come up with a design that can be used on more than just one device.

    2. Optimization, Optimization, Optimization!

    Another factor which web developers should bear in mind is the fact that nowadays, phones have been reduced to desktops. Users browse using their phones and they therefore need something which is easy to use. The design which you come up with should therefore provide ease and comfort to these users. Optimizing websites is also an important thing to do when designing. This is especially important when it comes to landing pages because they are entry points to the site. When optimizing the site, always keep in mind the ease of use of the users. Content, tags and file sizes are just some of the things which you need to consider thoroughly before using on the website.

    3. Unique Content is What you Need.

    Most people have emphasized the need for content when designing a mobile website. Usually, the content on the site will determine whether people will be drawn to the site or not. When creating content, do not use complex terms. The content should be legible and easy to process if an ordinary phone user visits the website. Responsive design is easy to adopt if you stick to a number of rules.

    4. It is Important to Define your Breakpoints and Grid.

    What most developers do not know is that defining your columns is as easy as getting useful online tools. While setting breakpoints using resolution is a common thing to do, it is not the best practice to use on mobile sites. Instead of using resolution as your basis for incorporating breakpoints, it would be advisable to consider content and the design of the site as a guide.

    5. Compatibility with Different Types of OS

    It is also important that you note that mobile phones have different operating systems. This means that their guidelines are also different. The website which you design should therefore be compatible with as many operating systems and phone browsers as possible.


    While the process of mobile website design may be a tedious and tricky one, you employing these tips may help you get an idea of how to do it to perfection.