• Launch of First Ever Headphonies Website for United Kingdom

    May 18, 2012

    Our ecommerce website development team is proud to announce the launch of, a world famous brand of the smallest speakers ever. Now users in the United Kingdom can find out all they want to know about the Worlds smallest speakers with the biggest attitudes.

    Using our web development outsource capabilities, we have been able to create the perfect platform for Headphonies to launch in the United Kingdom. The youthful appearance and design of the website is synchronous with the youth and vibrance of the product itself. Users can connect Headphonies to any IPod, MP3 player, computer, mobile phone or even computer game console so that users can listen to the power packed sounds that emerge from these small yet powerful speakers. The fun part is, they come in a variety of colors and designs and are not only audio devices, but collectibles too.


    Browse the Headphonies: Since Headphonies are still relatively new in the UK markets, this page is of prime importance. Here visitors can choose from amongst the 12 different Headphonies available commercially. There is a space where visitors can also find all the new products and the latest additions to the collectible speakers.

    Limited Addition Headphonies: Like all collectible items, Headphonies too release some limited edition items from time to time. These are made available for a limited amount of time, and only a limited number of these items is manufactured. On the limited edition page of the website, visitors can see all of these items and purchase them before they run out of production.

    Accessories: With the speakers, visitors can purchase some accessories as well. Those interested, can purchase audio splitters for adding components to their Headphonies. They can also purchase jack reducers and stereo cords to plug in their Headphonies to audio and multimedia devices.

    Replacement Parts: Headphonies makes iteasier for users to continue using their products. In this section of the website, users can find replacement parts such as lanyards, power cords and signal cords. This allows users to stock up on the parts which are most easily damaged, lost or destroyed. These parts can be directly purchased from the website.

    New Products: Users can find all the new products and their details on the web page. These products are those that have been recently introduced to the market. These may also include limited edition products available only for a short period of time.

    Simplified Shopping: What makes this website truly user friendly, is the ease of shopping on it. Users can create an account with the website and log in to make their purchases, or simply shop as an unregistered user. Buyers can simply click on the item they want to purchase and put it in their basket. The items can then be checked out using Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards. Users can also use their PayPal accounts to pay for the products. At any time during the shopping experience, users can add or remove contents from their basket. They can also modify the number of products they want to purchase.